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Quick & easy books to read while travelling!🌍

Hello and howdy.

This weeks blog posts revolve around one common theme: travelling, which is why I come to you today with a list of recommendations that I think will be perfect to read while you’re out exploring the world.

In my eyes the best books to read while travelling are the ones that are quick and easy. They drag you in and don’t let go until you’ve finished, preferably just in time for landing, so that’s what we’re gonna narrow down this list of recomendations.

Little White Lies by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

I could sit here and recommend you every single one all Jennifer Lynn Barnes’ books because they all fit the criteria of “quick and easy” but I’m going with her Debutantes duology.

I feel like most people travel for their summer holidays and this definitely has the better summer vibe. It follows a girl who’s convinced to take part in the Debutant season by her grandmother in exchange for college tuiton, but along the way she uncovers so many family secretes.

It honestly blends the best parts of a soap opera with the best parts of a YA mystery, elevated even more by Barnes’ talent for writing thriller style novels. Cannot recommend this one enough.

Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid

I’ve not shut up about this book since reading it last month and nothing you can say or do will be able to stop me. Just let me get my gushing out of my system. It’ll be over soon I promise.

I could quite easily recommend any Taylor Jenkins Reid books, they’re all so easy to get lost in, with a writing style I swear is laced with cocain, but I chose Malibu Rising simply because it’s set over the course of one day, which seems to make it feel even more fast paced, and it’s set in Malibu with the beach and surfing being a big part of the aesthetic.

This book follows the Riva kids over the course of one day culminating with the infamous party at Nina Riva’s house that ends with the house going up in flames by the end of the night. We see an insight into the dysfunctional family and the solid sibling bond between the four kids and I loved every second.

Actually read this one on a train to Madrid myself so I can vouch for this one being a good travel read.

It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover

Despite not loving this book I’m still recommending it as a travel read because I do think it could be a good one. My problems with this book revolve around the fact that I knew too much about it before going in. If you go in a bit more blind then I did, you’ll stand a chance of enjoying it more.

Basically this book does a very good job at drawing you in and has some really good surprises that leave you wanting to read more (if you haven’t already found out abuot them from Tik-Tok before hand). I’m being pretty vague but it’s to save you from my same fate.

Lore by Alexandra Bracken

Here we have a bit more of an action packed book, this one being very much greek mythology meets Hunger Games.

I don’t really know the exact reasons behind recommending them, besides quick/easy/twisty-turny like all the others. It’s more just the general vibe that this will be a food literary travel companion. I think maybe cause it has that mix of being set in New York, an iconic location, and the greek mythology.

Maybe I’m being biased because I finished this book on the plane ride when I was moving back to the UK to start uni.

I See London, I See France by Sara Mlynowski

Of course I had to feature a book that actually features travelling on this list. I highly recommend this book if you’re going around Europe as the characters travel to some of the most notorious locations.

The whole reason I bought this book was because I was meant to be going on a school trip around Italy … until Covid happened and it was cancelled the weekend before. Yes it’s been two years. Yes I’m still bitter.

What I loved most about this one is that the characters are late teens and they actually act like that. It shows them drinking, swearing and having sex. Not in graphic detail or anything, but it’s a realistic depiction of how kids that age would actually act when off gallivanting across the country without their parents for the first time and I appreciated that.

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson

One of my most recent reads that wasn’t originally on this list of recommendations but has made the cut just in the nick of time. This book is my newest obsession.

Despite having a whole list of options for me to read on the plane (TBR coming Wednesday) I’m considering sacking those all off to instead binge the following two books in this trilogy.

This book follows Pip who chooses to investigate the dissapearance and suspected murder of Andie Bell, a girl from her town who was supposedly killed by her boyfriend, Sal, five years ago. Pip doesnt believe Sal is guilty and teams up with his younger brother, Ravi, to proove it. Along the way Pip uncovers so many secrets and finds herself in more danger than she expected in her quest to dig up the truth.

I legit loved everything about this book. If you’re going to pick up any sort of murder-mystery for your next trip consider this one, you won’t be disappointed.

I’m not calling myself a travel expert or anything but I’m becoming a frequent RyanAir Flyer so clearly I’m qualified to give these recommendations.

I’d love to know your thoughts and feelings on these books, as well as you’re go-to books to travel with. Thanks for reading :))

Elli xx

6 thoughts on “Quick & easy books to read while travelling!🌍”

  1. A Good Girls Guide To Murder is one of my favourite reads of this year and I completely understand the need to drop everything and read the next two books! Lore and I See London, I See France both look super cool and engaging, I’ll have to check them out!

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  2. A Good Girls Guide to Murder was a very good read and definitely perfect for a quick read because you really can’t stop once you start.
    I haven’t read anything by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, but I’ve seen her books around and they definitely seem like they would be perfect quick reads!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I highly recommend anything by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. My top 3 of her series are either the DEbutants duology, her current Inheritance Games trilogy which is like the movie Knives Out and has a real sherlock holmes feel to it with so may puzzles and riddles, and The Naturals series which is like Criminal Minds but with teenagers lol.

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