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Let’s Talk Bookish: Happily Ever Afters!

Hello and happy Friday!!

My days are finally starting to fill up with uni work after 5 weeks of basically doing nothing which is great … but also not great because I’m on a true crime kick and my friend has pulled me into a All For the Game re-read binge.

What I’m saying is that I’m now either rushing through my work to get it done or procrastinating until the very last second so that I can instead watch Netflix or read my books. So if today’s Let’s Talk Bookish discussion feels a little more rushed then usual just know it’s because I have Neil Josten and Andrew Minyard waiting for me.

Let’s Talk Bookish is a bookish meme that was created by Rukky @ Eternity Books and hosted by Aria @Book Nook Bits, where each Friday, bloggers write posts discussing the topic of the week! Since the beginning of April, I’ve been the host of LTB, and I post each month’s topics here on my blog! September Topics.

This week’s topic was actually a free choice meaning I could pick any past prompt and I decided to go with the July topic of …

Should all Romances have Happily Ever Afters (HEAs)? (Dedra @ A Book Wanderer)

Prompts: Do you like romances with happy endings? Do you think that all romances should have happy endings? Why or why not? What are some of your favorite romances with Happily Ever Afters?

Do you like romances with happy endings?

100% yess! When it comes to romance we all know the couple are going to end up together in the end. It’s one of the most predictable genres in the entire world and that’s not a bad thing. The fun of a romance book is the journey, watching them meet, fall in love, go through all the ups and downs that life and eventually end up together.

I will say that I am kind of getting tired of the “happy endings” of romance books always being a wedding and pregnancy just a couple months later. I’m making a list of things I don’t like in romance books that I’ll probably share one day, but this is one of the things I don’t like. There are more happy ending scenarios then a ring and a baby!!

Do you think that all romances should have happy endings? Why or why not?

In my mind when I think of the characteristics of a romance, a happy ending is up at the top of that list so yeah. If I picked up a book thinking it was going to be something cute and sweet and instead I got my heart ripped out I’d be sad.

I will say though that I wouldn’t mind seeing more bitter-sweet endings. Like where the two characters don’t end up being together at the end but not for heartbreaking reasons, maybe it’s alluded to that they may not be together right now but they reconnect down the line.

What are some of your favorite romances with Happily Ever Afters?

  • The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid – their romance had it’s tragic moments but I think in the end it had a (bitter sweet) happy ending.
  • Afterlove by Tanya Byrne – ok so I’m just going double on the bitter sweet happy endings although this one in particular made me cry.

Anyways. I’m off to read The Raven King with my cup of tea while the rain provides decent background noise. I’d love to know your thoughts and feelings on happy endings. Thanks for reading :))

Elli xx

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