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Criminal Minds Book Tag!!

Hellooooo and happy Monday.

No clue where that burst of energy came from. Let’s tone it down from now on shall we. Anyways, hello everybody. Last week I posted a list of murder-mystery books I want to read to fill the Criminal Minds sized hole in my heart, and today we’re continuing on with the Criminal Minds book tag!

Jason Gideon // Your favourite fictional teacher or mentor.

I recently went through my annual All For the Game obsession and I’m still riding that high so of course my answer is going to be David Wymack. I love him so much. This man deserves a raise for everything he has to put up with.

Aaron Hotchner // An iconic fictional leader you trust and would follow anywhere.

I’ve been racking my brain and the only answer I can come up with is Kaz Brekker. This boy is shady, secretive, has a penchant for murder, but I trust him more than any politician.

Derek Morgan // The most loyal fictional character you know.

Really hate that I’ve so far chosen all male answers but it’s got to be Percy Jackson. This boy fell into Hell because he was so loyal. It’s literally his fatal flaw!

JJ // Your favourite bad-ass female character

Rose Hathaway from The Vampire Academy will forever be one of my favourite female characters. Has anyone been watching the new show yet? I’ve only watched the first couple of episodes but I’m loving this depiction of Rose just as much as I loved the book and movie version.

David Rossi // A fictional “father-figure” you’d kill to have.

First of all, I don’t need another dad, I’ve already got two. If I was to complete the Mama Mia dad trio though, I’d probably choose Will or Jem from The Infernal Devices. Thanks to the short stories I’ve read about both of them being fathers and I adore them. Just like how Tessa doesn’t have to choose, I also refuse to choose between the two.

Spencer Reid // A character who’s equal parts intelligence and innocence

I’m really trying not to repeat answers here which is why I’m not saying Wylan van Eck from Six of Crows (who, let’s be real, isn’t as innocent as we think) and am instead going to just keep going with the other questions.

Diana Reid // The sweetest parent-child relationship.

Something I really loved about A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson was the relationship between Pip and her dad. I love when step-parents are presented as equally important as biological parents in books and movies instead of them always being presented as the bad guys.

Emily Prentiss // A character who’s been through Hell and back, but who’s stronger and better than ever.

Daisy Jones really hit rock bottom and I don’t wanna go and spoil the book for anyone that’s not read it but her ending made me happy.

Penelope Garcia // A fictional character with the quirkiest sense of style.

Lily from Sex Education has the quirkiest sense of style out there. I would never wear any of it but I respect it. I feel like a point can be made that all of the Sex Education characters have a unique style … except for Otis and that one singular jacket he wears (what a mood).

Luke Alvarez // The new kid on the block (i.e your favourite recent read).

I’m gonna have to go back by a couple weeks because my most recent reads have either been re-reads, or just okay. I feel like my most recent read in the last couple of months has probably been I’m Glad My Mom is Dead by Jeanette McCurdy. I listened to the audiobook of this which I highly recommend doing. I had chills.

Tara Lewis // Your favourite pyschological thriller.

Jennifer Lynn Barnes writes excellent YA thrillers. The Naturals is one of the first series I ever read, it’s literally Criminal Minds with teenagers so very on brand for this and the twists and turns were shocking. And then there’s also The Fixer which is great but saldy wasn’t given the green-light for third and final book. Still heartbroken about this.

Haley and Jack Hotchner // A parent who would sacrifice everything for their child.

Oh my gosh, this was one of the saddest storylines. I bawled like a baby.

This question is really making it obvious to me that I read about a lot of orphans or characters with terrible parents.

William LaMontague // Your favourite fictional married couple.

I don’t really care about married couples in books but I do love a married couple in TV shows:

  • Jake and Amy from Brooklyn 99
  • Nathan and Haley from One Tree Hill
  • Cece and Schmidt from New Girl

The BAU // An iconic fictional team or group

Literally every group from everything else I’ve mentioned in this tag: demigods, shadowhunters, the Foxes, the Crows. Icons, the lot of them.

“Baby Girl” // Your favourite fictional male-female friendship

It has got to be Ronan and Blue from The Raven Boys. I love their dynamic so much. It’s was lowkey like a hate-to-love friendship too if you think about it. The way he calls her Maggot ❤ Them crushing on the same boy(s). Give me more Blue and Ronan content please and thank you.

Reason why I didn’t include a gif of every character: I’m lazy.

And there we have this week’s Criminal Minds related post. Stay tuned for next week’s grand finale where I’ll actually be giving some recommendations! I’d love your thoughts and feelings on any characters and books mentioned. Thanks for reading :))

Elli xx

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