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Spotify Wrapped Book Tag

Hi and hello.

As you can tell by the title of today’s post, I am here to do the Spotify Wrapped Book Tag. I saw Laura @ The Corner of Laura do this tag and it seemed fun so I thought I’d give it a try.

The idea of this challenge is to put your 2022 playlist on shuffle, and for the first five songs, you need to pick a book you read in 2022 that fits that song. It doesn’t have to be a perfect fit. You just have to explain why you chose that book for that song.

Gonna be completely honest with you, my Spotify Wrapped was bad last year. All five of my top songs were by Conan Grey – I’m not ashamed by the artist, I will happily wave the Conan Grey flag, he’s actually pretty underrated, I’m just ashamed that all five of my top five songs were his … with Life is a Highway just missing out with it’s 6th place slot.

And then we have the fact that Spotify literally called me a “basic bitch” by describing my music tastes as “pumpkin-spice”. Now THAT is what I’m most ashamed of. So ashamed in fact that I created a whole new playlist called “Don’t Be a Basic Bitch” so this never happens to me again. I’m nervous to see what songs end up being picked for this tag!

Songs 1: Lately by Forrest. Biskwiq, Ryce

Starting off with a song that possibly makes me look like a complete and utter liar about the whole “basic bitch” thing. This book doesn’t even have a music video out so I don’t think many people know about it which is actually a crime because this is a really fun song. At one point it was my go to shower song and you bet your ass I would sing it at the top of my lungs.

For this song I’m choosing the book … Confessions of an Alleged Good Girl by Joya Goffney

I’m terrible at like actually paying attention to lyrics but the vibe I get from this song is that it’s about a couple that have just recently got together which kinda (eventually) fits the romance in this novel. There’s also specific lyrics that make me think of Monique and Reggie like:

anytime of day that you wanna play you just say the word and we’ll get away // anything you want, know I got it for you” – which reminds me of Reggie helping Monqiue kind of figure herself out and get away from the things she’s been taught.

opposites attract // picture perfect, photogenic” – she’s the perfect daughter of a preacher, he’s a supposed bad boy.

“you were the piece I was missin no reason for livin // oh I’m thankful that you’re mine, I’m so blessed you’re by my side” – I can’t remember so much for Reggie’s storyline, but Reggie and Sasha were defintely what Monique was missing in her life beforehand.

Song 2: More Than Friends by 24K Golden

Two for two for songs that weren’t in my top five songs or artists! Maybe I’m not a total basic bitch. This one does have it’s own lyric music video though which is super cute. I love the intro to this song. It gets stuck in my head so much!!

For this song I’m choosing the book … Icebreaker by Hannah Grace

As I’m going through with each song for this tag I’m obviously listening to them in full to help me make my choice and as soon as the first verse was over I knew this song could have quite easily been written by Nathan Hawkins to Anastasia.

Look, I’ve had Kylies, Rileys and Holly too (ah)
Only girl I ain’t had yet is Y-O-U
If I put a ring on it, would you say, “I do”?
Like the Alicia to my Usher, would you be my boo?
5’3″, brown hair, that’s the one I need
Cute face, thick thighs, put it all on me
‘Cause I’m dying inside, baby, can’t you see? (Ugh)
You the one on my mind, take a chance on me

Nathan is Captain of the hockey team. He could have had any girl he wanted but my dude was down for the count the minute he met Anastasia … who just so happens to be quite short with brown hair and a cute face.

You, you got what I need (yeah, yeah)
But you say I’m just a friend, oh, you say I’m just a friend
Oh, baby, you, you got what I need (yeah, yeah), yeah
But you say I’m just a friend
I guess we’ll never be more than friend
Never, never no, never, never, never no
I’d rather be forever, -ever, -ever, -ever though

There’s also a bunch of line’s about them just being friends which is what Anastasia kind of tried to keep them as for a long time, or at the very least friends with benefits. Literally every verse I’m now listenin to is reminding me of them.

Song 3: Heather by Conan Gray

It was very statistically likley that at least one Conan Gray song would be part of this tag. Basically, the reason he’s so heavily featured on my Spotify Wrapped is because I went to his concert in June. Previous to that, I knew one or two of his songs, but obviously if I’m going to watch him live I want to know as many as I can, word for word, to sing at the top of my longs.

I ended up falling in love with all of them and then playing them almost non-stop for the rest of the year. 🙂

For this song I’m choosing the book … The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid

I really struggled with this one and I’m still not 100% sure on my choice. To me this song screams unrequited love which doesn’t fit the criteria for any books I read in 2022 so I’m interpreting it more as like “forbidden love” kind of thing and the love story of Evelyn Hugo and Celia St James came to mind.

The jealousy aspects of the song relate to how jealous Evelyn was of Celia when they first met and were fighting over roles, and then also relates to the jealousy she feels of them not being able to publically be together. I feel like you can also draw from how Evelyn still follows Celia and her career so closely even after they seperate.

I suppose if it’s from the point of view from a couple of Evelyn’s husbands, that’s how you get the unrequited love aspect of it all too.

Song 4: Jealousy, Jealousy by Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo was one of my top 5 artists which makes sense because I did play her album a lot at the start of the year. Sour is such a fun album. Catchy and super short with not a skip in sight.

For this song I’m choosing the book … Loveless by Alice Oseman

Again I had to read between the lines to find a book that went with this song but I actually think I’ve done a good job with this one. The main theme of this song is comparing yourself to others, and that’s exactly what Georgia is going through in Loveless!

She’s not comparing herself to all the cool things people are doing on Instagram like the song suggests, but she is comparing herself to how others in terms of how they like partying and she doesn’t, how it’s harder for her to make friends, and then also with how easy other people fall in love or get into relationships compared to her as she’s on her journey to figuring out she’s ace/aro.

I feel like the line “all I see, is what I should be” is definite stand out from that song that totally relates to Georgia (and me, but that’s besides the point).

Song 5: Chasing Highs by ALMA

I will not be surprised if this song is on my Spotify Wrapped playlist for 2023 as well. There’s a good chance that I’m actually addicted to this song.

For this song I’m choosing the book … As Many Nows as I Can Get by Shana Youngdahl

I was chasing highs ’til I found you
We’re doing it in slow motion, we’re doing it in slow motion
I was chasing highs ’til I found you
You are getting closer in slow motion

An argument can be made that David was chasing highs before, during, and after his relationship with Scarlett but thankfully that’s not the only thing that makes me assosicate this verse with this book. The story being told through alternative points in the timeline gives it a kind of “slow motion” feel to it.

5 a.m., there is something more
I caught the luck you gave me
Phases going haz

I stopped counting the hours
Space between us getting smaller and smaller
I’m losing my powers
I’m falling higher and higher with you

These two were frenemies since birth and yet suddently their relationship dynamic changed. Scarlett kind of lts loose over the course of the last few months of school and the last summer before college and she and David really do find themselves falling.

I honestly feel like I put more effort into this tag, making sure I match the right book with each song, than I did my school work last semester (and I got 2 A’s and A-‘s so that’s saying a lot).

This was so much fun. I really thought I’d give it a try but ultimately get frustrated because I’m terrible at finding the meaning of songs – it’s too close to poetry and my brain rejects it. But no, I went into way more detail than I thought I would, that’s very English Lit student of me. I had so much fun.

I wasn’t tagged so I’m obviously not going to tag but if you’re interested in doing this fun little challenge yourself, please leave a link to your version in the comments or something!! Thanks for reading :))

Elli xx

9 thoughts on “Spotify Wrapped Book Tag”

  1. Love this—I think you did a great job with picking the songs and books. I’ve only read Evelyn Hugo and I love that you picked that for Conan’s song. But I have Loveless on my TBR and I’m also a big Rodrigo/Sour fan so I’m looking forward to reading it. Based on what I know of the book, I think the song defo fits! I’m terrible at matching songs to books + vice versa but I’m gonna bookmark this tag cos it looks really fun. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Okay first of all I’m bopping to Lately right now and I can 100% see this becoming a shower singing song for me too, so thank you for introducing me to it!!

    ALSO: As Many Nows As I Can Get was written by my university professor!!! It’s so exciting to see it in the wild 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yessss Lately is such a good song. Happy somebody else besides me likes it.

      OMG really! If you wanna sneakily ask her if she’s planning on releasing another book and report back to me I can repay you with my endless gratitude haha. Haha just kidding -that’s so cool though. I’m genuinely jealous.

      Liked by 1 person

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