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What I watched in winter …

Hello and howdy.

It’s one of those days where even Mac & Cheese with garlic bread hasn’t cheered me up so now I’m tucked up in bed with plans to go to sleep early just to make today end quicker. The worst thing is nothing bad has even happened today, I’m just over it.

While I do want an early night, 6pm is a bit too early so I thought I’d go back and revisit the last three months and everything I’ve been watching!


Knives Out: Glass Onion – I’ve watched Knives Out multiple times and it’s wormed it’s way onto my list of comfort films so I was highly anticipating this sequel. Gonna have to watch it a couple more times before I decide if this is as good as the first, but I really did love this. Benoit Blanc was an absolute legend in this and I want a million more movies in this franchise. Let’s give it the Fast & Furious treament.

Avatar – For years I was adamant I didn’t like this movie after watching it as a child. Turns out I didn’t remember anything about it so I don’t even know what I’ve been hating for the past decade and a half. Now I can say with full confidence that I am neutral on this movie.

Teen Wolf: The Movie – When this movie was announced I felt a wide range of emotions in a very short space of time. First was “omg yay”. The second wave of emotion came a second later: “agh actually I don’t want this”. I cant now report that I wish this didn’t exist. I’ve never shared my Tumblr account because that’s my anonymous safe space but on this one occasion I’m gonna link to my post about my experience watching this movie and the ups and downs that came with it. All I’ll say for now is that, in a shocking turn of events, Jackson Whittmore was my favourite part of this.

The Meg – Shark movies give me major anxiety so I think it was very rude of my mother to make me watch this with her. Apparently it was payback for making her watch the entire Conjouring franchise and laughing every time she screamed (even when she wasn’t even looking at the TV). I will grudgingly admit this was entertaining.

Black Adam – I liked everything about this movie … except for Black Adam himself. Whenever I watch a movie with The Rock, I just see the Rock and not whatever character he’s meant to be playing.

Deep Water – Add this to the list of movies not to watch with your mum. We were fifteen minutes in and I instantly regretted not making her watch a romcom. I honestly don’t remember much about this movie and I don’t really want to try and remember.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever – I cried like a little baby during this movie, kinda glad I didn’t get to see this in the cinema just for that simple fact. I loved this movie, definitely one of the better most recent Marvel movies. I thought this was a very beautiful movie witht he visuals as well which is one of the things that makes me sad I didn’t get to see this in the cinema.

Redeeming Love – Not gonna lie I watched this for Abigail Cowen and Nina Dobrev but it was weird. I mean, there was one moment where I genuinely thought I’d interpreted something wrong until I saw a Letterboxd review that confirmed what I thought had happened. Go read the Letterboxd reviews is all I’ll say.

TV Shows

Only Murders in the Building Season 2 – I don’t know how they did it but season 2 was even better than the first. My belly hurt from how much I was laughing. Charles and Oliver are the most dynamic duo and adding Mabel into that mix is just perfection. The “why am I holding this knife!” scene kills me (I’ve watched this scene multiple times at this point). Am now counting down the days for season 2.

Ginny & Geargia Season 2 – Season 2 being better than the first season was clearly a winter trend because that’s the case with G&G. I loved so many things about this season: Ginny’s mental health storyline, Zion calling Austin his kid, the trio of Ginny/Abby/Marcus, Georgia stuck in the middle of her baby daddys (and Paul/Zion being buddies). I also loved Joe this season and his reactions in the background of scenes. I’m now back to waiting not so patiently for another season.

Criminal Minds Season 16 – I was so scared when I heard about this reboot but thankfully the only bad thing about it is the lack of Spencer Reid. Everything else was spot on. Rossi was especially iconic this season. Wished there’d been more epiodes but I know it’s been renewed so I can live with that.

Hannibal Season 1 – Fucking loved this show and I’m mad at myself right now for not having continued on yet. Hannibal Lector really met Will and said “I am going to gaslight you so hard”. Will is my favourite character by far. He’s like Spencer Reid gone wrong. Clearly I have a type when it comes to fictional characters but have you seen his curly hair and how many dogs he has! How can I not love him!!!

The Resident – Every time I binge a medical series I start to think I should have gone into nursing (I’m humble enough to not even pretend like I have the brains to be a doctor). That was the case here. I watched four seasons in a very short space of time. I’ve not watched the fifth yet cause I’m terrible at actually finishing shows. It’s like I have a phobia of doing that or something. I plan to finish it soon though!

Lockwood & Co Season 1 – At the current moment of writing this I still have the last couple of episodes left to watch but I’m confident enough to say that I loved it. They’re all so sassy and I appreciate that from a core trio. I put off watching this straight away cause I have Netflix PTSD. I also just love the vibes of this show and if Netflix cancel this I will actually cry.

CSI: Vegas – If there’s one type of show that never fails to keep me entertained it’s a crime procedural. I have no idea what pushed me to start this CSI revamp but I watched in like two days and now I’m keeping up with season 2 each week. This was very entertaining. I loved the season 1 plot line they had going on to ease us back into this franchise. I would not complain if they were to bring back my man Horatio (<3) in a new CSI: Miami series.

Clarksons Farm Season 2 – I only watched the first season of this before Christmas, it was my “little piece of home” while I was in the States. This series is so funny, I binged it in no time and will probably re-watch episodes of this whenever I’m sad from now on.

That’s everything. Literally everything my eyeballs have been glued to in the last four months. I am particularily interested in any opinions about the Teen Wolf Movie specifically, but as always I’d love to know your thoughts on feelings on these films/shows, as well as what you’ve been watching recently!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Elli xx

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