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Pro-Wrestling is my weird interest // Book Tag

Hello 😊

We all have our hobbies. Some we shout from the roofs about, hence why I have this blog dedicated to books and reading, and others we keep hush-hush, like my love for professional wrestling.

As a kid I used to love watching WWE. I’d make my brother watch it even though he didn’t care in the slightest. As I got older I kind of lost interest though, until I heard about this new wrestling company in 2020 called AEW which is a bit more mature, more violent and a lot of fun. It dragged me back in and now I watch weekly and stay up til 5am every three months to watch the pay-per-views.

I saw Lauren @ Narrative Paradise do the Pro-Wrestling Book Tag and I knew I had to do this tag too!

Power Bomb // A book or book series that lifted you up only to slam you right back down hard at the end.

R.I.P Brodie Lee 💜

For this answer I’m choosing a book that lifted me up and then slammed me down hard emotionally. That book being Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare. The ending of this book still hurts!

I had so much fun with this book and then BAM emotional trauma!! Cassandra Clare did to me what Brodie Lee is doing to Jon Moxley in that gif.

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