Book-Con Envy

Hello and happy Friday!

Today I’m gonna be talking about my jealousy towards other book nerds, who, this past weekend were living their best lives in New York City at BEA & Bookcon 🙂


I know, objectively, that jealousy isn’t exactly the best emotion but I’m a 16 year old girl so I’ve still got another couple of years of irrational envy towards others ingrained in me and I plan on exploiting that for blog content.

And I did research for this! The past few days I have spent my time watching and reading peoples bookhauls from the events and everything. (Which I totally enjoyed every second of watching/reading but lets pretend I put some hard effort in)

In all serious though I do love watching people’s BEA hauls and vlogs of them having a grand old time but that doesn’t mean I’m not sat at home at 4pm in my pyjamas wishing I was there too. So I’m gonna talk about some ARCs I’ve seen floating around from the convention that I wish, I too, could get my hands on 🙂

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