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A birthday book haul :)

Hii and howdy 🙂

Soooo it was my birthday this past Tuesday and I turned a whopping 18 years old!

God help me I’m an adult 😭

You’d think that on my 18th birthday I’d be out until the wee hours of the morning, stumbling back home before sunrise absolutely hammered, but no.

I went out for lunch with my family, I got my meal free after giving the owners (who I’ve known since I was 10) a mini existential crisis because of how old I was, then later that evening we went for some drinks but to be honest I was exhausted from a busy week so I ended up finishing off the day in bed finishing a book.

I was also all beer and alcohol-ed out after a fair few days of under-age drinking.

I did go out the next day with a friend for dinner, drinks and a few games of pool and my boss is planning a party for me at the weekend so it really was a nice few days.

Even nicer was the fact that I was gifted 5 books for my birthday and I’m super excited to talk about them today!

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Blog, book haul

It’s my birthday and I got books! // Book Haul

Hi and hello and a very happy August!!!!

Before I get into this blog post I just want to give fair warning that I’m writing this at 1am because I’ve been playing Sims all night and I’m a busy bee tomorrow so this is what I’m left with. You’ve been warned.

So yesterday (today for me) was my birthday! Yay, a whole day of being tagged in ugly photos on Facebook by family members I haven’t spoken too in years. Woo.

I’m 17 now, a Dancing Queen according to the Gods AKA Abba. All jokes aside I had a great day eating birthday cake for breakfast, drinking beer around the pool (drink safely kids) and my dad lying to a bar owner we know and saying I’m 18 so I could get a beer. I’m forever one year older when we set foot into that bar now.

Also I got 8 books!!!!!!! Which is clearly the most important part and it’s what I’m about to start blabbing on about now 🙂

20190804_100907.jpgMy brother is such a poser.
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