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The Book Adaptations Tag 🎬

Hello and howdy 🤠

Big things are happening when it comes to book-adaptations! Heartstopper has become a worldwide sensation, Shadow & Bone season 2 is filming, the Percy Jackson trio casting has been announced and they are perfection, and there’s so much more!!

All very exciting so it seems like there’s no better time then now to do the Book Adaptations Tag which I was tagged to do by Madeline @ The Bookish Mutant. Thank you Madeline!!

What is the last book adaptation movie you saw?

Not a movie, but I feel like a lot of books are being adapted into TV shows more then movies nowadays so we’re couting. Of course the last book adaption I watched was Hearstopper.

I watched this show in one morning on the day it was released and am still talking and thinking about it. I talked about it in a dedicated post but I’ll repeat it here: THIS IS HOW YOU ADAPT A FAN FAVOURITE!

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Book adaptations I want but I’m scared for.

Hi, hey, hello and happy Tuesday 🙂

So, today is Tuesday and usually that means another week of Top 5 Tuesday however this weeks topic is all about books with creepy atmospheres and … I was struggling. Most of the books that came to mind I’d already mentioned in a recent Spooky Reading Recommendation post and I didn’t just want to repeat myself.

And so today, instead, I’m going to be chatting a little on my thoughts on some Book To Move Adaptations! Some of these are actually in development and some are just my wishful thinking. This post is 100% inspired by the video PolandbananaBOOKS did recently which you can watch here 🙂

Shadow & Bone


So this is the only adaption on this list that I know for sure is 100% happening. As most people know this much beloved book is being adapted by Netflix and I’m excited … but also scared.

I’m excited because I’m in constant need for new television content and what I’ve read of the Grisha universe so far I have loved, especially the characters. However I’m worried about the format of the show. This first season is said to encompass both the Shadow and Bone trilogy aswell as parts of the Six of Crow duology and I just don’t know how that’s going to mesh.

I’ve seen some theories that season 1 is going to focus mainly on Shadow and Bone but also maybe follow the rise of Kaz and Inej before the full Six of Crows plot which in my opinion makes sense, especially with what characters have been announced. Continue reading “Book adaptations I want but I’m scared for.”