Bookshelf Tour 2019

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So this blog post was meant to go up mid August … it’s now mid October. I’m terrible. So back in summer we had my cousins coming to stay for the week which meant mum was on a cleaning rampage and I got infected with the cleaning bug … at midnight. Yeah I decided 12 o’clock at night was a great time to take all my books off my shelves, clean them and reorganize.

I did a “Book shelf tour” round about this time last year, when this was a new blog and things and I didn’t think I’d do another but I’m really liking how they look at the minute (although they are slightly different now due to me buying new books and having to stick them somewhere) and so I thought why not share.

Apologies in advance for my terrible photography. 

20190824_133847.jpg Continue reading “Bookshelf Tour 2019”


Book Shelf Tour 2018!

I recently had my bedroom decorated and it looks so cool and it meant I had to reorganize my shelves which is simultaneously very stressful and fun at the same time.

I’m currently pretty happy with how they are and I figured while they’re still looking good and presentable I’d show them off.

20181021_223346So here we have my first set of built in shelves. The top shelf is what I refer to as My Dissapointment Shelf because literally every book on this shelf minus a few which I haven’t read (including Nevernight and I swear to god if I don’t like this I will riot).

Under that we have my IDK Where to put these shelf where as the name would suggest, I didn’t know where to put them including some childhood books and a book about Sintagmas for school. Continue reading “Book Shelf Tour 2018!”