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Time to read all the romance!! // February TBR

Round of applause guys, we made it through the first month of 2022 👏👏 and now onto the second …

February is of course the month of Love™ despite there only being one designated day for it. Obviously I’m going to be milking this holiday for all it’s worth when it comes to content, starting with the books I plan to read this month.

I got off to a really good start in January and I’m already ahead of my reading goal. I’d like to keep up with that momentum but I’m not gonna put too much pressure on myself because I start back at Uni this month and am hoping to go visit my aunt and Godson.

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I need to study but books 😭// February TBR

Sup my peeps.

I am tired. I’m also getting more stressed and anxious by the day so I have no regrets in starting today’s post off with a “sup my peeps”. I’m just gonna roll with it.

Today I’m going to talk a little bit about the books I want to read this February. Last month I read 11 books. I do not expect to accomplish that again because I have eight exams already scheduled for the couple of weeks. Yay😭

That being said, I have at least 5 books on this TBR (it might be more by the time I finish writing, even I’m not sure). I really want to focus on ARCs this month as I have a few Blog Tours coming up in March and I want to get ahead instead of adding more stress to my life. February is also Black History Month so I’m going to try and make an extra effort to read books by black authors.

Grown by Tiffany D. Jackson – I’ve talked about this book a fair few times in recent months but I would like to say again how beautiful I think this cover is! I’m hoping I have equally as great feelings for the story inside.

This book follows Enchanted, an aspiring musician, who becomes wrapped up in a legendary producer Korey Fields. Despite his fame and notoriety he has a dark side so when he turns up dead all eyes are on Enchanted.

I think this is going to be super compelling, I’ve seen nothing but great reviews and I’m excited!

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Short month, big TBR // February TBR

Hi, hey, hello and welcome to myblog 🙂

I’ve had the same on and off headache for nearly four days now and I’ve watched too many medical dramas meaning now I’m thinking my heads going to explode or something. Fun.

Besides that though I’m going to be talking about what books I want to read this month.

I can’t decide how my reading is going to go this month. I have exams coming up and I need to keep my grades up but I also have a week off towards the end of the month and the house to myself as my mum and brother are going to England so maybe I’ll be able to read a bunch.


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