What is my summer reading style? ☀️☀️

The heat is killing me slowly. All I do during daylight hours is hide away in my room under the protection of my ceiling fan and eat as much ice-cream as humanly possible.

I’m also trying to read as much as humanly possible and I’m happy to report that I’m having a good book-ish summer so far. Maybe not in quantity, but definitely in quality.

At the minute, Goodreads is asking the question “what’s your summer reading style?”. Ok techinically they don’t care about the answer, they’re just given recommendations, but it did get me thinking of what my summer reading style is.

The Trendsetter – You love to find the up and coming authors (before your friends do).

I’m not the type of reader who likes to find things first. I’m happy to follow the tide and jump on hype trains late. Thankfully my friends also follow this same philosophy as me so there’s no competition between us as to who can read things first.

Usually if I do read an authors debut novel it’s a while after the books publication, or even after they’ve already released more books.

Looking at the books I’ve read so far this summer I’ve only read from one debuting author: How to Fake it In Hollywood by Ava Wilder.

Team Book: The Adaptation Reader – Before you watch it on the big/little screen, you’ll want to get lost in the pages.

Yeah ok I have been reading a fair few books recently that are set to be adapted or have recently been adapted in the last couple of months. Last month I read both The Girls I’ve Been by Tess Sharpe and The Seven Husbands of Evely Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid.

Both of these books have movie deals in the works but besides from outrage that Evelyn Hugo is being turned into a movie instead of a TV show, I’ve not heard much about the productions yet. I also was still feeling Heartstopper show withdrawls so I read the novella, Nick & Charlie by Alice Oseman.

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Goodreads Choice Award Books I’ve Actually Read (Spoiler: not many)

Helloo, happy Monday (or not, I completely understand if you’re miserable on Mondays, the only reason I’m not overly miserable on Monday’s is because I’m only at uni for an hour and that’s not until 2 o’clock).

I was meant to be at work tonight but they sent out an email saying they’d over-staffed and if anyone wanted to drop a shift then don’t be scared to do so. I worked last night and had a sore throat so bad my manager gave me a free slush. I was super tired tonight and just couldn’t be arsed leaving the house, into the cold, when I was so cosy and having fun with my housemates.

Since I had an unexpected night off I figured I’d talk about the Goodreads Choice Awards. UGH! The Goodreads Choice Awards!! Every year I think I’m doing well with new releases and then this comes around and proves me wrong.

To be honest I’ve not done too bad this year, but still, considering how many categories and books there is, I’ve not done great either. To make myself feel better, I thought we’d go over the nominee’s I’ve actually read!!

Any Way the Wind Blows by Rainbow Rowell – This is the most recent book on this list that I completed and I genuinely loved it. With my whole heart I just had so much fun with this one. I wanted to read it non-stop but also didn’t want it to end. My new mission is to get my friend to read this series. I sent him a few bits of dialogue which he found funny so I’m hopefully he won’t take much convincing.

Our Violent Ends by Chloe Gong – And here we have the second most recent read. This was the perfect end to this stunning duology. I read the first book during an unexpectedly busy week, and I read this the week assignments were due. Being busy while reading a great book is so annoying!!

Cheer Up: Love and Pom Poms by Crystal Fraiser & Val Wise – I didn’t know what to expect when I was accepted for an ARC of this. I requested it because I liked the cover art, but oh my word was this cute!

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Have I read the most popular recent YA novels?


Hello and welcome back to my blog for another quick and easy post because I am tired. Creative posts? Who dat? I don’t have the mental or physical energy for that right now, the heat is killing me, so instead I’m asking the question of: have I read the most popular recent YA novels?

It’s currently YA Week over on Goodreads, they’ve got a cute graphic and everything, so cute infact that I added it here to give this post a bit of “pizaz”. But they’ve basically got a list of the 40 most popular recent YA novels and today I’m going to be saying if I’ve read them and if not do I plan on reading them.

Super quick. Super easy. I say yes or I say no. And then I go sleep 🙂

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