Books I wish I’d read this Halloween­čĹ╗

Hello and howdy!

So Halloween has come and gone with me writing exactly 0 posts for the occasion. #FakeBookBlogger. It’s not like I can use the excuse of “I was just so busy reading Halloween themed books, I didn’t have the time”. No, I’ve just generally not been very festive during the years Spooky Season which is honestly sad.

had to include this somewhere.

I spent my Hallween weekend watch all thee Fear Street movies with my housemate on Friday night. If you haven’t watched them yet, you’re missing out. Theyre so good!! I do recommend watching all three in one go though. Saturday I was working and Sunday I was back on the couch with my housemates watching movies again, this time Scary Movie and the not so Halloween-ey Burlusque.

I also didn’t read any spooky books, so today I come to you with five books I kind of wish I’d been able to read for Halloween :))

The Taking of Jake Livingston by Ryan Douglass

Does this book cover not just scream Halloween? I mean the colours, the ghostly hands reaching out and the terrified look in the eyes of who I’m guessing is Jake Livingston.

The Taking of Jake Livingston is said to Get Out vibes, and the tag line says that this is a horror story where survival isn’t guaranteed as it follows Jake, one of the only black boys at his school. Not only that but Jake can see ghosts and when he meets Sawyer, a troubled teen who killed six of his classmates and then himself who is set on revenge, things get complicated for Jake as everything he knows about the rules of ghosts is thrown out the windows.

It’s no secrete that I am weak for stories where the characters can see ghosts in some way or another so this is right up my alley.I actually was accepted for an ARC of this book this month and was holding out hope that I’d be able to pick it up, but of course that wasn’t the case.

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Halloween Movie Book Tag!

Helloo, howdy and Happy Halloween!!!

In celebration of the end of Spooky Season­čĹ╗ I am going to be doing the Halloween Movie Tag created by Paperbacks and Planners. This tag seems like it’s gonna be so cool so definitly go check out the original.

To be honest doing this tag is probably the most Halloween-ey thing I’ll be doing today because I have no plans whatsoever. In fact the scariest thing I’ll be doing is spending the day studying ­čśş.

(I would like to point out though that there’s an 11pm curfew for all of Spain right now so I couldn’t really do much tonight even if I wanted to).

1. Halloweentown ÔÇô Favourite magical world

(These movies are amazing)

I have been absolutely obsessed with the Carry On magical universe. Techinically it’s the super unique magic system, how they use lyrics, nursery rhymes and popular phrases as spells, that I love so much but it counts.

2. The Sanderson Sisters ÔÇô A book with a revenge plot

The first book that came to my mind was Nevernight by Jay Kristoff. I’ve only read the first book so far but we follow a girl called Mia who goes to the Red Church (is that what it’s called? I have a terrible memory so I’m probably wrong) to train as an assassin and get revenge on the man who killed her family.

I feel like this is kind of a basic revenge plot, girl wants to kill man who killed her family, but the steps she needs to take to get there were entertaining and interesting, and there’s more the the story then just those aspects.

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­čĹ╗Halloween Recommendations­čĹ╗

Hellooo ­čśŐ

God it feels like forever since I’ve sat and written a post (it’s been like 5 days but let me be dramatic please). I took a couple of days because I was feeling burnt out and needed to not think about blogging for a little while but I’m back and I’ve got some recommendations!!

Today I’m here with a list of books that I think will make the perfect Halloween reads.

I don’t read proper “horror” novels, I’ve never read Stephen King and all the other classic horror authors. I’d like to but they’re not my thing, I think I’d probably get bored. But I do still think I’ve got a pretty decent list of books that I’m sure will get you in the Halloween spirit and keep you highly entertained ­čÖé

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Happy Halloween! // Halloween Book Tag

Hi, hey, hello and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!


(I love this gif so much)

I’d like to say I have some super spooky and fun Halloween plans but I really don’t. My night includes trying to get through my stack of homework while not falling asleep and maybe, hopefully finishing my current read.

And so I’m here to do a Halloween Book Tag to at least pretend like I’m getting int the festive spirit.

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Books I want to have read by next Halloween­čĹ╗

Hi, hey, hello, I’m Elli and I am stressed!

Instead of doing anything to help relieve the stress and anxiety like, I don’t know, studying for my philosophy exam, I’m going to be talking about 6 books I awnt to have read by the time next Halloween rolls around.

I love all things witchy, warped and wonderful and I always want to read moreboth for my own personal enjoyment but also to recommend. I don’t want to be recommending the same old same old every year.

BeFunky-collage (6)

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Characters I Would Cosplay // Top 5 Wednesday


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Happy Halloween!!!! 

My plans for the night are to wrap myself up in as many blankets as I can find, stuff my face with sweets and popcorn, finish the last 80 pages of my book and then when it gets dark start The Haunting of Hill House which is apparently terrifying and I want that in my life.

Todays topic is Characters I would cosplay/dress up as. All topics can be found here.

The Doctor

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All The Horror Movies I’ve Watched So Far.

It’s Halloween! Honestly is there a better time of the year? I can go about talking about demons and witches and everyone just thinks I’m in the festive spirit.


Horror movies are also a big part of Halloween and I unfortunately haven’t gotten to watch any yet because school likes to suck all happiness from my life. In general I haven’t watched many scary movies but I’m slowly making my way through a very long list and I thought I’d share my thoughts on the few I’ve watched.┬á Continue reading “All The Horror Movies I’ve Watched So Far.”