Memes make me happy // Memez Tag

Hey, howdy and Happy Monday!!!

I am swamped with things to do today and over the next two weeks in general so we’re taking it easy and having some fun with a tag! I am especially excited about this one because it’s all about memes.

Thank you so much to NefeliΒ @ Biblio Nebula for tagging me!! Just to put it out there: most of these I already had saved to my phone or I found them from what I’ve sent my friends in recent weeks. Do with that information as you will.

Rules …

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Add the tag photo.
  3. Add a meme for all the topics given.
  4. Nominate at least 5 bloggers.
  5. Add the link of the creator (Aaliya’s Nook)
  6. And don’t forget to put the following tags: #thememeztag, #amemeforeverything

A Harry Potter Meme

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Which popular YA character am I?

Hi πŸ™‚

I don’t know about you but I have become mildly obsessed with online quizzes recently.

It started during lockdown when very niche and specific quizzes were going around Tumblr and I needed entertainment during my Zoom classes, but now I go on Facebook to catch up on the family drama and end up down the dark hole of Buzzfeed quizzes finding out what my midnight snack says about me.

And so I’ve decided to turn this new found waste of time into content!

Today I am going to be finding out what character I am from 5 popular YA series such as: Twilight, Harry Potter, The Percy Jackson series, The Mortal Instruments and The Hunger Games thanks to online quizzes I’m sure are 100% accurate.

From Twilight I am … Jessica Stanley

Ok. I wasn’t expecting this but I don’t hate it (although I don’t know how much of that is me just really loving Anna Kendrick) πŸ˜‚

I think Jessica gets quite a bit of hate online but I feel like she’s a pretty accurate representation of your average teenage girl. I mean if my friend got married straight out of high school to the town wierdos I’d be asking questions and gossiping too.

The quiz I took.

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Translating my favourite books into Emojis!


So this is 100% not my own original idea!!! I was tagged recently by Sabrina @ Notes From a Paper Plane Nomad to do the Liebster Award recently and one of the questions she’d given for me to answer was: Translate the title of your favourite book into emojis! Or even a gifset!

I loved this question so much that I decided to do it for a few more books! But yes, all credit goes to Sabrina cause she’s the one with the amazing brain who came up with this πŸ™‚


Harry Potter: βš‘πŸ°πŸš‚πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ

We’ve got a lightning bolt for Harry’s scar, what I hope you also see as a castle which clearly represents Hogwarts, an old timey train for the Hogwarts Express, and a wiz-end old sorcerer that has a remarking resemblance to Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore.

Percy Jackson: πŸ§œβ€β™‚οΈπŸ—‘β›ΊπŸŒŠπŸ™

Percy is the son of the sea-god Poseidon who in some of the images I just googled has a mermaid like tail so there we go. That’s Poseidon. Then we have a sword for Riptide, the closest thing I could get to camping which represents Camp Half-Blood, a wave because … water ??? and the praying emoji because the neglected demigod kids pray to their godly parents quite a lot throughout the books. Continue reading “Translating my favourite books into Emojis!”

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The Book Interview Tag

Hi, hey, hello and welcome to my blog.

Ok so first things first: I’m considering dying my hair pastel pink.Β 

I’m bored and I’m not going back to school anytime soon so why not, ya know. So yeah. I’m writing this in advance so there’s a chance that when this post goes live I could have (temporary) pink hair … or I could sleep on it and realise it’s a bad idea. Who knows.

Anyways today I’m going to be doing The Book Interview Tag. Thank you so much to Daria @ The Bookaholic’s Therapy for tagging me! You should definitely go follow Daria because her posts are really fun to read and also her blog is so aesthetically pretty!

Name/Blog Name

slim shady

My name is Elli-mai but I go by Elli because my teachers sometimes pronounce “Mai” as “meow” so it’s just easier.

My blog is called AceReader cause I’m terrible at coming up with cool names so I just smashed two words together and called it a day.

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Spring Has Sprung … and so have my allergies // Book Tag

Hi, hey, hello and welcome to my blog!

Today I am doing the Spring has Sprung book tag because even though it hasn’t stopped raining in the last two weeks spring has indeed sprung.

Like almost everyone else I’m not aloud to leave my house right now so the allergies are being kept at bay but it’s only a matter of time before the three months of constant sneezing and watering eyes begin. Yay.

Flowers – All the flowers we remember are blooming again. Pick a book that’s a fresh take on a retelling.


I haven’t read many retellings but I do have a fair few on my TBR including Geekerella by Ashley Poston which I may or may not have bought the e-book of the other night. I don’t know much about this but I know it’s a Cinderella retelling with fandom themes which for a huge nerd like me seems like a fun time. I also know it features a food truck called the Magic Pumpkin which sounds cute!

Cadbury Mini Eggs- Obviously the superior springtime chocolate of choice. Pick a book that you consider to be a sweet treat.

First of all: big fat yesss to Mini Eggs being the best!!!


Less a book more of an author but I really love Jenn Bennetts contemporary novels. They’re such easy reads, the main characters all have something unique about them and even with all the cutness and fluffiness there’s more things at play. I’m currently readin Seriously Moonlight and loving it! Continue reading “Spring Has Sprung … and so have my allergies // Book Tag”

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Happy Halloween! // Halloween Book Tag

Hi, hey, hello and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!


(I love this gif so much)

I’d like to say I have some super spooky and fun Halloween plans but I really don’t. My night includes trying to get through my stack of homework while not falling asleep and maybe, hopefully finishing my current read.

And so I’m here to do a Halloween Book Tag to at least pretend like I’m getting int the festive spirit.

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My dream zombie fighting team // Top 5 Tuesday


Hi, hey, hello and welcome to my blog.

So, there’s no official Top 5 Tuesday today but I’ve become quite attached to doing weekly top 5 lists so here I am.

This is going to be a pretty quick post because I have a history presentation to prepare for tomorrow plus a bunch of other hellish school related things to do. Instead of being clever and productive and doing those things yesterday …  I spent the day organizing my reviews. Yes I know stupid.

Anyways, time to talk about 5 characters I’d want to tag along with in the hypothetical case of a zombie apocalypse breaking out tomorrow:

Bucky Barnes (MCU)

idk when ill need this but im keeping it

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Book’s I want to read from a different POV

Hi, hey, hello and happy Thursday πŸ™‚

So today I’m talking about books that I would happily re-read … from a different characters perspective.

These are all really popular series that I enjoy so I’m probably going to re-read them anyways but a girl can dream.

TWILIGHT from the perspective of …


Ma boy Edward.

Not going to lie, during my time re-reading twilight (which you can read all about here) I wanted to be in Edwards head, more because I think it could be highly amusing and entertaining then because I think it’d add anything to the story.

Wasn’t this like an actual thing though? Wasn’t Meyer going to write the book from his perspective but then it got leaked?

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Bookish Tattoos I Would Totally Get.

Hey, hi, hello and happy Tuesday!

There’s no official Top 5 Tuesday this week but I’m doing a top 5 list of sorts anyways because why not.

Today I’m talking about Bookish tattoos I would happily have on my body for the rest of my life. This topic is inspired by the fact that I myself got my very first tattoo last week and I’m still riding the high.

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Favourite Sci-Fi/Fantasy BFFs // Top 5 Wednesday.

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Hello and happy Wednesday!

Today we’re talking BFFFFs. Best Fictional Fantasy Friends Forever! Reading about friendships is honestly one of my favourite things ever. If a show/book has strong relationships I’m guaranteed to enjoy it ten times more.

All weekly topics can be found HERE!.

1- Harry Potter & Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter)

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