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What I’ve Been Watching â€¦#3


I have a problem. My teacher has moved our virtual classes to 9am. This is bad. Its been a struggle waking up at past ten 10 since lockdown started so waking up before 9 and being ready to analyse and translate Latin is going to be hard. 😭 (It also means I’m going to have to do my homework the night before and not ten minutes before class *sigh*)

Anyways lets jump into what I’ve stayed up really late watching recently which subsequently stopped me from waking up at a decent hour!

The Haunting of Hill House (2018) – I watched this series over the span of two nights and cried at near enough every episode. I think there was 2 (out of 10) episodes I didn’t cry at. This series was so good! Not as scary as I was expecting but I loved the characters (except Steve. I didn’t like Steve) and I can’t wait to watch the spin off/companion(?) series.

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The High School Musical Book Tag (aka me living my best life)

Hi, hey, hello and welcome to my blog.

I am doing something super exciting today: The High School Musical Book Tag.

High School Musical was my entire Childhood! I had a HSM lunch box, a Gabriella doll, all the DVDs and CDs (including the concert version) which I played on a loop, my primary school had a High School Musical singing club and we performed “Breaking Free” during an assembly and I went to cinema to watch the third movie.

I watched these movies so much that even my parents know all the words. 

And so believe me when I say I jumped up and down in my chair with excitement (which I’m only slightly ashamed of) when I found out this was a book tag that existed.

I tried finding the original creator to this tag but I think that post has since been deleted because I can’t find it. Either way I’m super excited though to re-live my childhood today and combine it with books!

The Start of Something New: A new favourite genre/author/series


A new favourite author of mine is definitely Erin Hahn. I fell in love with her debut novel You’d Be Mine last year and my love for her multiplied when I read her sophomore novel More Than Maybe a month or two back. She writes such entertaining books filled with humour and music. I can’t wait for it’s official release and to read more from her. Continue reading “The High School Musical Book Tag (aka me living my best life)”


💕Nostalgic Ships // Top 5 Wendesday💕

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Hello and happy Wednesday.

I am so excited for this weeks top 5 Wednesday topic; Nostaligic Ships, aka couples we shipped when we were younger.

Before I start I just want to make clear that I am a child of the 2000’s so I feel no shame in saying that these are probably all going to be from Disney channel or something, (although I’ll try and make sure they’re not all from childrens tv shows)

All weekly topics can be found HERE.

1- Beck and Jade (Victorious)

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