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Books by Black Authors // Recommendations

Hello 🙂 I am here today with some recommendations of books written by black authors.

I use the term “recommendations” loosely for the simple fact that the books I’m about to talk about are pretty popular meaning you’ve either probably read them already or have at least heard about them.

Black Life Matters protests are still happening all over the world and even if you can’t be on the front lines marching there’s still so many ways you can help such as:

  • Signing petitions such as those listed HERE 
  • Donating HERE if you’re able.
  • And if you can’t donate you can watch videos where all the ad revenue is donated to various charities and organizations HERE.


Books I’ve read & loved:

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My First Book Unhaul

Hello and welcome back to my blog.

Today I am saying, goodbye! Adios! Ciao! Sayonara! to a bunch of books that I’ve been wanting rid of for a long while now.

I’ve still got a stack of books in my room to either donate to the lil charity shop in my area or to maybe swap down at the Wednesday market. But these next five books were rehomed to a friend of mine who I’m hoping enjoys them more then me.

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