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What I’ve Been Watching … #9


I have no interesting introduction today. I also had no idea that I had watched quite as much as I’ve got listed here so I’m just going to say “happy Wednesday” and move on into the wrap up :))

The Invitation

Gonna admit. I watched this trailer, saw that Thomas Doherty was playing a rich, probably evil vampire and I was on board. It helped that my uni had a promotion running with the local cinema where students got in for free on random Thursday so I dragged my friends to watch it.

This movie was ok. I really wish it had gone full force with the horror elements. Like this should have had an R rating or something to live up to its potential. It was fun and all, but ended up feeling like something I’d seen before.

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What I’ve Been Watching … #8

Hello. I am tired.

My study abroad uni has this cool thing where on a random day in the fall semester they cancel classes and everyone goes to the lake for the day.

The down side to this is, despite the busses not leaving til 10am, they wake everyone up at 5am. Add a day in the sun, kayaking and swimming, to the 5am wake up call and me still having homework to do for tomorrow’s classes, what ends up happening is me being exhausted.

My eyes are literally closing as I’m writing this and all I want to do is curl up in bed … but my roommate has friends over watching a movie and I didn’t have the social capacity to deal with new people right now.

And so here I am wrapping up everything I’ve been watching recently. I’ve not done one of these in a while and I’ve watched a lot so I’m just gonna jump right into it.

Bullet Train

You ever read a book or watch a movie that scratches an itch inside your brain you didn’t know you had? That’s how this movie made me feel.

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What I’ve Been Watching Recently… #7

Howdy 🤠

I should be in uni right now but instead I’m still in my pyjamas, drinking a cup of tea and doing a colouring book. I just really couldn’t sit through my morning lecture and personal development session today. Jury’s still out on if I go to my 4pm lecture.

I am getting cramp from colouring though so it’s time to take a break and instead talk about what I’ve been watching recently 🙂

The Batman

Once upon a time I said I’d never watch any new batman movies unless it was more Lego-Batman … then they cast Robert Pattinson and I caved so quickly.

This movie was so freaking. First of all, I saw it for free! My friends boyfriend works at a cinema and got us in for free. So it was already a good day but then I watched this movie and it got even better.

The cinematography! The humour! The action!! My favourite scene of the whole movie was when Battinson just yeeted out the window, had a parachute, and then flew straight into a bridge, and hobbled away. I love the aesthetic of this Batman: greasy emo. I finished watching it and immediately wanted to watch it again.

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What I’ve Been Watching Recently … #5

Hi, hey and howdy :))

I don’t know what you’re doing with your night but I’m an hour and a half into a “unhinged recap of Pretty Little Liars”. This is only part one and I fully intend to continue on with part two. This is how I choose to spend my time :I

I’m also multitasking though. Yes I’m watching this Pretty Little Liars recap, but I’m also going to do a bit of a recap myself, not with a popular teen show, but with everything I’ve been watching recently!

I feel like this round of movies can be categorised:

  • Best trilogy I’ve watched in a while.
  • The rom-coms I watched with friends
  • Ryan Reynolds.
  • Cinema!
  • Needed more Spiderman in my life.
  • My dad really loves these Disney movies.
  • … the two that don’t git fit into a category.

Fear Street Trilogy

We’re starting off strong with possibly my favourite movie(s) I’ve watched in a really long time!! I say movie(s) because yes these are three movies, a trilogy, but in my eyes they need to be watched one after the other, therefore being one entity in my brain.

Over Halloween me and my housemate were left alone in the house (the other two housemates went home for Halloween) so we bought a ridiculous amount of popcorn and settled in for a movie night. We were not disappointed.

This is a masterclass in storytelling! Just the way the plot and mystery worked and weaved through three movies was so great. Me and Isabel were shouting out clues as we went and getting so hyped when we figured it out or something was revealed. Us watching this would have made a great episode of Gogglebox and everyone needs to watch this.

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🎞Everything I’ve Been Watching Recently … #4🎞

Hi. I’m bored.

I’m currently suffering through health and safety training videos for work and they’re the most mind numbing things in the world. The essence of it is “have some goddamn common sense”.

To keep me from falling asleep at my desk, I figured I’d talk about some shows and movies (mostly movies) I’ve been watching recently. I’ve never watched so many movies in such a short space of time before so let’s just jump in.


Gonna be honest with you, out of the three Marvel series I’ve watched, I think I understood the actual plot of this the least. Don’t get me wrong I really enjoyed it, just don’t ask me to explain the ending.

Mobius is now one of my faves and I loved seeing Loki again. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Loki + Sylvie relationship, they’re literally just the alternate universe version of each other and it weirds me out but I digress. I am excited for Season 2, whenever that may be, and although I know it’s not going to happen, I wouldn’t mind seeing Loki rock up in the Doctor Strange movie.

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🎞Everything I’ve Been Watching Recently … #3🎞

Hello and howdy 😊🤠

I have some time to kill. I’m going to the fair tonight with some friends and I am so hyped for it, especially since it was cancelled last year. The only problem is that I’m not meeting my friends till 11pm.

Obviously you don’t get the full fair experience unless it’s dark and also, I couldn’t think of anything worse then being stuck in a metal contraption in the middle of the day in 37*C weather. That sounds like actual torture. So we’re going in the middle of the night.

Since I have a fair few hours to go, I figured I’d take this time to talk about some of the stuff I’ve been watching recently.


This movie has the potential of becoming one of my favourites. I foresee myself re-watching this a lot in the future! Unpregnant is a book to movie adaptation for the book of the same name. I haven’t read the book, and don’t me but I don’t plan too. I got enough enjoyment from watching the film.

It was simultaneously really funny and entertaining while also touching on important matter in regards to abortion and bodily autonomy.

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Ok but the real question is … Dean, Jess or Logan??

Hi, hey, hello and welcome to my blog.

Today we’re talking Gilmore Girls. Specifically, which love interest was better? Dean, Jess or Logan? I think the answer to this question says a lot about a person and today we’re gonna examine my thoughts and feelings on each boy.

I can’t remember how old I was when I first watched Gilmore Girls. 14? Maybe 15. I do remember that I started watching it when I was off school ill, and purposefully dragged out my illness so that I could stay home and watch it.

I also never actually finished the show. I’m pretty sure I got to the part where Rory goes off to college but it was round about this time that she started to annoy me and I lost interest. That happens quite often.

But we’re not here to talk about Rory, at least not completely, so let’s talk about the boys:

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🎞Everything I’ve Been Watching Recently … #2🎞

Hi, and howdy!

I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve written a blog post. It hasn’t. It’s been like a week, maybe two at the most, I’m just being dramatic.

Right now I’m in the home stretch of school. I’ve got two weeks left and hopefully that’s me done (although realistically I’m probably going to have to do at least one resit the week after but it’s fine). I had a bit of an anxious/depressive episode end of last term and start of this term so the fact that I’m actually feeling motivated to do my school work and study again is a welcome sensation.

Because of this though, it means I haven’t had time to post, and probably won’t for another couple of weeks but I thought I’d wrap up everything I watched while I was basically procrastinating my life, so that when I’m free from the shackles of school I can get started on my “to-be-watched” list!


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What I’ve Been Watching …#3


I have a problem. My teacher has moved our virtual classes to 9am. This is bad. Its been a struggle waking up at past ten 10 since lockdown started so waking up before 9 and being ready to analyse and translate Latin is going to be hard. 😭 (It also means I’m going to have to do my homework the night before and not ten minutes before class *sigh*)

Anyways lets jump into what I’ve stayed up really late watching recently which subsequently stopped me from waking up at a decent hour!

The Haunting of Hill House (2018) – I watched this series over the span of two nights and cried at near enough every episode. I think there was 2 (out of 10) episodes I didn’t cry at. This series was so good! Not as scary as I was expecting but I loved the characters (except Steve. I didn’t like Steve) and I can’t wait to watch the spin off/companion(?) series.

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What I’ve Been Watching …#2


Hi, hey, hello and welcome to my blog.

I made an Oreo brownie earlier today, I’ve just had some and I’m 96% sure I’m about to slip into a chocolate induced nap so I’m going to try and speed through this as quick as.

Today I’m going to be talking about the movies and tv shows I’ve been watching recently, and by recently I mean since Spanish lockdown went into effect.

My dad actually got us Netflix about a week into lockdown and let’s just say it’s thanks to Netflix that we haven’t had any giant family fights.


Five Feet Apart (2019)- I read this book first and I cried. And then I watched the movie. And I cried. This was a case of me enjoying the movie as much as I liked the book.

D.E.B.S (2004)- WHY DID NOBODY TELL ME THIS EXISTED!! Ok so this is a movie all about a spy and a criminal falling in love except THEY’RE BOTH GIRLS AND IT’S HILARIOUS AND I LOVE IT! It reminds me of Charlies Angels but a lesbian romantic comedy.

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