Books I’m trying to get my mum to read!

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My mum likes to take the mickey out of me for how much I read and how many books I own but the truth is, she’s just as bad.

My mum collects Martina Cole and James Patterson books and she’s read every single one. The only difference between us is that she has actually finished re-reading all of those books and has no books left to read.

Because of this I thought now would be the perfect time to try and get her to read some of my books. I convinced her to read Harry Potter a couple of years ago which she enjoyed and she read The Hunger Games even before I did, so I’m hoping I’ll at least some success with these books.


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The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes // Series Recommendation.



This fast paced, teen murder mystery series consists of:

The Naturals. Killer Instinct. All In & Bad Blood


This series follows Cassie Hobbs, a natural at reading and profiling people, when she is recruited to join a small and pretty secrete division of the FBI known as The Naturals Program.

The Naturals Program is made up of Dean, Michael, Sloane and Lia, all who have a special gift that helps the FBI close cold cases.

Dean is a profiler just like Cassie. Michael reads peoples emotions. Lia is basically a human lie detector and Sloane is extremely loveable and also has the brain of a super computer more or less.

What Cassie doesn’t realise though when she signs up for this is that she’s in a lot more danger then she realises when a series of murders have an eerie connection to Cassie herself.

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