Why do I now have a thing for single-parent romance?

I am not a parent. I am very far off from being a parent and yet I’ve been reading single-parent romance books. I’m talking one-after-another, can’t get enough as if they’re M&Ms and I just need to devour them all.

I seriously need to chill, for the sake of my sleep schedule and my bank account, never mind the fact that I have a shit-ton of other books I should be reading instead!

The single-parent romance trope is a sweet one. I like seeing that outside person step in and be a parent to a child that isn’t biologically their’s, probably because that’s the relationship I have with my dad who got with my mum when I was one.

Here are my thoughts on the one’s I’ve read recently :))

Juniper Hill by Devney Perry

Juniper Hill is the one that kicked it all off for me. After seeing it all over Tik-Tok recently (because Tik-Tok is always the cause of my trope-related cravings) I finally picked it up one night when I just wanted to lay in bed and read something quick and easy.

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