These movies & TV shows are my reason for living

Hello and howdy.

I am in the thick of it when it comes to uni assignments. I am not living, laughing or loving. I’m actually dying a slow death, drowning under the stress of two assignments. It’s not even much. I know what I’m doing I’m just stressing about actually doing it.

Anyways. It’s in times like these that I like to look to the future as a way to keep on going. A big part of that is usually me looking forward to films and shows that are coming out later in the year. Today I’m here to talk about those.


The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes

I will hold my hands up and admit that when the book was announced and first came out, I had no interest in read it. By this point I was over authors releasing new books to long-since completed series. That’s not fair to this book specifically, it was just unfortunate timing. It doesn’t help that Dystopia makes me anxious, The Hunger Games series more than any other.

Flash forward to last month when the trailer dropped and … not only am I now super excited to watch this, I also went and bought the book with plans to read it over the summer.

I have since come to realise that Suzanne Collins could have capitalised off The Hunger Games success with many cash-grab opportunities and I’m now more than willing to give this story a chance. I’m actually really bloody excited for this now and I feel bad for my attitude towards this book back in 2020.

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Book Adaptations of 2022 & 2023!!

Hi and hello 🙂

My eyeballs hurt. I recognise that this is an odd way to start a blog post but I swear it’s related. I’m pretty sure this current ailment is because of spending too much time staring at screens, even with my glasses on, so it’s pretty ironic that I’m here today to talk about my plans to stare at more screens.

I’m pegging the 2020’s as the decade of the book adaptations and I’m loving it. Sure we’re living through a pandemic, we’ve got political unrest all over the world and the economy is in shambles BUT we get to watch books come to life. Small mercies.

Today I’m going to be talking about the book adaptations! We’re going to start by looking towards the future at the adaptations I’m super excited for and then work our way backwards to the ones I watched (… or at least started) last year.

Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid

I am so excited about this TV show. So excited, in fact, that I just can’t bring myself to watch the trailer or listen to Regret Me, the first song that has been released. Does anybody else get so overwhelmed with excitement that they push off doing/reading/watching the thing they’re excited for in the first place? I do this all the time and it’s ruining my life.

Despite not having watched the trailer, I have seen the promo and behind the scenes pics so I am so ready for the revival of 70’s rock ‘n’ roll and that kind of boho chic look. The entire cast looks phenomenal but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I was most looking forward to seeing Sam Claflin, who really hasn’t let us down in a book-adaptation so far, as Billy and Riley Keough as Daisy.

The chances of Aurora being a top album on my Spotify wrapped is a very real possibility this year and I will not regret a single thing about it.

Sticking with TJR but switching books … I know there’s going to be an Evelyn Hugo adaptation eventually. It’s not included in this list because I found nothing to suggest it was coming out this year but this is me expressing my excitement just in case. It still irks me that Daisy Jones is a TV show and Evelyn Hugo is a movie – that should be swapped or they should both be TV shows.

ALSO Malibu Rising is getting an adaptation and yet all three of these books are being adapted by different studios. Is that not the most infuriating thing!? I’d laugh if they managed to get the same actor for Mick Riva in all three though.

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Books I’d gift the Heartstopper Characters


Gift giving is stressful. This year it’s been even worse for me because I’ve been out of the damn continent and when I got back all I wanted to do was sleep. Genuinely considered giving my friends IOU’s but thankfully I managed to scramble together a little something.

As a reader, books are my go to gifts whether that be gifting or asking for them on my own wishlist. For some reason, the other day when I was bored I sat down and thought about what books I’d give certain book characters which leads us to today where I will be talking about which books I would hypothetically gift the Heartstopper characters.

This is just something fun and festive. With how insanely popular this series – the books and the Netflix adaption – has become this year, it just feels apt to be talking about these guys.

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What I’ve Been Watching … #10

Hello people of the internet.

I am officially down to the last week in the United States of America and I have a lot to do: 2 and a half more final projects to get done, a suitcase to buy and pack, an annoying amount of documents to fill out just to leave the campus and country.

I’ve actually been working on part of my final all afternoon and I need a break so I’m here today to talk about what I’ve been watching recently 🙂

Interview With the Vampire – Season 1

When I saw this trending online I jumped on the bandwagon. If memory serves, I started watching not long after episode 3 or 4, and then watched weekly from that point on which was fun. With short series like this I like watching weekly and getting to read everyone’s takes and theories on the episodes.

This was a really interesting series, so much more than just vampires – it’s got toxic relationships, lots of subtext. Louis and Letsat are deeply in need of psychological help but they made for some very entertaining TV. My favourite part was when Lestats bursts onto the train and is wearing the conductors hat and using the guys head like a puppet. A psychopath with a sense of humour. I would also like to make it known that I would lay down my life for Claudia.

Ghosts (every season except the last cause I don’t want it to end!)

Why have I not watched this series sooner? I absolutely loved Horrible Histories and Sorry I’ve Got No Head as a kid and if you didn’t get to experience the joy of watching those on CBBC after school then I’m so sorry to you.

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What I’ve Been Watching … #9


I have no interesting introduction today. I also had no idea that I had watched quite as much as I’ve got listed here so I’m just going to say “happy Wednesday” and move on into the wrap up :))

The Invitation

Gonna admit. I watched this trailer, saw that Thomas Doherty was playing a rich, probably evil vampire and I was on board. It helped that my uni had a promotion running with the local cinema where students got in for free on random Thursday so I dragged my friends to watch it.

This movie was ok. I really wish it had gone full force with the horror elements. Like this should have had an R rating or something to live up to its potential. It was fun and all, but ended up feeling like something I’d seen before.

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What I’ve Been Watching … #8

Hello. I am tired.

My study abroad uni has this cool thing where on a random day in the fall semester they cancel classes and everyone goes to the lake for the day.

The down side to this is, despite the busses not leaving til 10am, they wake everyone up at 5am. Add a day in the sun, kayaking and swimming, to the 5am wake up call and me still having homework to do for tomorrow’s classes, what ends up happening is me being exhausted.

My eyes are literally closing as I’m writing this and all I want to do is curl up in bed … but my roommate has friends over watching a movie and I didn’t have the social capacity to deal with new people right now.

And so here I am wrapping up everything I’ve been watching recently. I’ve not done one of these in a while and I’ve watched a lot so I’m just gonna jump right into it.

Bullet Train

You ever read a book or watch a movie that scratches an itch inside your brain you didn’t know you had? That’s how this movie made me feel.

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The Book Adaptations Tag 🎬

Hello and howdy 🤠

Big things are happening when it comes to book-adaptations! Heartstopper has become a worldwide sensation, Shadow & Bone season 2 is filming, the Percy Jackson trio casting has been announced and they are perfection, and there’s so much more!!

All very exciting so it seems like there’s no better time then now to do the Book Adaptations Tag which I was tagged to do by Madeline @ The Bookish Mutant. Thank you Madeline!!

What is the last book adaptation movie you saw?

Not a movie, but I feel like a lot of books are being adapted into TV shows more then movies nowadays so we’re couting. Of course the last book adaption I watched was Hearstopper.

I watched this show in one morning on the day it was released and am still talking and thinking about it. I talked about it in a dedicated post but I’ll repeat it here: THIS IS HOW YOU ADAPT A FAN FAVOURITE!

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I just finished Heartstopper. Smiling and Crying.

Hi. Hello. 👋

It is currently Friday 22nd April aka Hearstopper Season 1 release day and … I’ve finished the entire series already. Honestly there was no better way to spend my morning. And now I plan on spending my afternoon talking about it!


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Dear Hollywood, please adapt these books!

Hello 🙂

Did I have pizza from uni for lunch? Yes. Did I just order a pizza from the shop down the road? Yes. Yes I did. Its 9:30pm, I haven’t eaten since 11:30am and I cannot be bothered to cook. Please don’t judge me.

While I’m waiting for my pizza to be delivered though, I figured it was the best time to talk book-to-screen adaptations, specifically which ones I want to see be a real thing.

The Brown Sister Trilogy by Talia Hibbert

So me finishing, and loving, Act Your Age, Eve Brown is what inspired this entire post because all I want from life now is a movie trilogy following each book in this series.

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What I’ve Been Watching Recently… #7

Howdy 🤠

I should be in uni right now but instead I’m still in my pyjamas, drinking a cup of tea and doing a colouring book. I just really couldn’t sit through my morning lecture and personal development session today. Jury’s still out on if I go to my 4pm lecture.

I am getting cramp from colouring though so it’s time to take a break and instead talk about what I’ve been watching recently 🙂

The Batman

Once upon a time I said I’d never watch any new batman movies unless it was more Lego-Batman … then they cast Robert Pattinson and I caved so quickly.

This movie was so freaking. First of all, I saw it for free! My friends boyfriend works at a cinema and got us in for free. So it was already a good day but then I watched this movie and it got even better.

The cinematography! The humour! The action!! My favourite scene of the whole movie was when Battinson just yeeted out the window, had a parachute, and then flew straight into a bridge, and hobbled away. I love the aesthetic of this Batman: greasy emo. I finished watching it and immediately wanted to watch it again.

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