What is my summer reading style? ☀️☀️

The heat is killing me slowly. All I do during daylight hours is hide away in my room under the protection of my ceiling fan and eat as much ice-cream as humanly possible.

I’m also trying to read as much as humanly possible and I’m happy to report that I’m having a good book-ish summer so far. Maybe not in quantity, but definitely in quality.

At the minute, Goodreads is asking the question “what’s your summer reading style?”. Ok techinically they don’t care about the answer, they’re just given recommendations, but it did get me thinking of what my summer reading style is.

The Trendsetter – You love to find the up and coming authors (before your friends do).

I’m not the type of reader who likes to find things first. I’m happy to follow the tide and jump on hype trains late. Thankfully my friends also follow this same philosophy as me so there’s no competition between us as to who can read things first.

Usually if I do read an authors debut novel it’s a while after the books publication, or even after they’ve already released more books.

Looking at the books I’ve read so far this summer I’ve only read from one debuting author: How to Fake it In Hollywood by Ava Wilder.

Team Book: The Adaptation Reader – Before you watch it on the big/little screen, you’ll want to get lost in the pages.

Yeah ok I have been reading a fair few books recently that are set to be adapted or have recently been adapted in the last couple of months. Last month I read both The Girls I’ve Been by Tess Sharpe and The Seven Husbands of Evely Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid.

Both of these books have movie deals in the works but besides from outrage that Evelyn Hugo is being turned into a movie instead of a TV show, I’ve not heard much about the productions yet. I also was still feeling Heartstopper show withdrawls so I read the novella, Nick & Charlie by Alice Oseman.

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Which popular YA bird-book character am I?

Hello and howdy.

I’ve just been staring at my laptop for the last hour, wanting to write something but just having one big brain fart. Finally though I’ve had the genius idea of re-visiting a post I’ve done before but with a lil twist.

Today I am once again going to be finding out which popular YA character I am, but specifically from the holy trinity of YA bird-books: Six of Crows, The Raven Cycle and The Foxhole Court (which is classed as a bird book cause of the second novel “The Raven King”)

From Six of Crows I am … Nina Zenik

The Quiz

I had a feeling I was going to get Nina purely because I answered with food to a fair few questions and well know Nina is a foodie and rightly so. I really love Nina, she’s funny, badass and so confident in herself. I haven’t read it yet but she’s one of the main reasons I want to continue on to read King of Scars. Very happy with this one!

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I took some❤‍🔥Love❤‍🔥related quizzes cause I was bored.

Hello 👋

I have just submitted my last assignment which means I’ve officially survived my first semester of University. Wow. A milestone moment. It also means that I now have two weeks of doing nothing which is great, I plan to read a lot, but I’m also bored already 😶

To pass the time a bit tonight, I thought I’d get into the Valentine’s day spirit early (it’s not even February for me right now as I’m writing this) and take some love and romance related quiz’s.

I sent this to my friend the other day. I find it hilarious.

I feel like the way I’m going to do this is share the question and my answer. I’m not going to bother with sharing the other answer questions unless I’m humming-and-ahhing over a choice. I’m also gonna leave links to all these quizzes just in case you’re bored too :))

(Please beware: not a lot of thought or effort has gone into this post)

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