Reacting to bad reviews of my favourite book // The Foxhole Court

Hello 🙂 20190120_1238062012396606.jpgI’ve been meaning to do this for a while now but I’ve been too lazy. Today, however, I am procrastinating studying for my exam so now is the obviously perfect time to react to bad reviews of The Foxhole Court by Nora Sakavic.

All For the Game is one of my favourite series ever so this should be interesting.😂

This is not an original idea in the slightest. I’ve seen this floating around on YouTube but I’d never seen a blog version so all of the credit for this post goes to Nikita @ Prose & Pancakes who reacted to bad reviews of Twilight. Definitely check that out because it was so much fun to read!


*Possible minor spoilers for the book/series*

I do think he [Neil Josten] is THE DUMBEST PERSON ALIVE though. I understand why he would want to stay, but not why he does!!!! He makes very, very poor choices in my opinion.

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