Bookish things that make no sense to me!

Hey and howdy 🤠

Gonna admit, I live in a permanent state of confusion. I somehow overthink and over-analyse everything, while also been the most oblivious person ever. It makes for some unique personality traits.

This confusion extends to my reading life. There’s just some things I don’t get and I’m gonna share those things today. Maybe you don’t understand either and we can figure things out in the comments together.

E-books costing more than physical books.

Ok this one doesn’t happen very often but when it does I’m left with questions and no answers. Surely a physical book that has to be printed, bound and shipped can’t be sold for less than an electronic copy.

I’m sure it’s more complicated then my logic is giving it credit for, there’s probably publishing laws or something that I’m not aware of. If you work in the publishing industry and have somehow stumbled acrss this post, please give me answers!

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