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I exceeded my own expectations! // Reading Rush Wrap Up

Hellooo and welcome to my blog.

After a week of nonstop reading, the Reading Rush has ended and not to toot my own thorn or anything but I did great.RR-full-deeplilac

In the last week I have completed 5 book and a sum total of 1779 pages. I’m pretty impressed with that. *pats self on back*.


I normally start Readathon’s bang on midnight and that was my original plan but instead I finished work and started drinking pints. I didn’t get in till 2am so reading even just a chapter was out the window. So was reading when I woke up like I wanted because I’m gonna admit I was slightly hungover and decided to sleep another hour.

Later that day though I did ended up completing Darkling by Brooklyn Ray for the challenge: Read the first book you touch.darkling

This might be cheating, I don’t know, but I had hoped to read and finish this before the Reading Rush even began but that didn’t happen. I’d only read the first chapter before Monday so I decided this could fill the prompt of “first book you touch” as it technically was the first e-book I clicked on that day.

I was in a reading mood on Monday because I also started The Fixer by Jennifer Lynn Barnes and read 201 pages. I considered just finishing this in it’s entirety because I could not put it down but it was late, I was really tired and I was also loving it so much that I kind of wanted to stretch it out another day.

Pages Read: 350 (ish) 

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