My thoughts on … 💕 Romance Tropes 💕

February = all my content revolves around love and romance with an obnoxious amount of heart emoji and gifs despite Valentines day only being ONE day of twenty-eight.

Today’s round of me milking Valentines Day for all it’s worth is going to be me sharing my thoughts on popular Romance Tropes. I’ve done this before with YA Tropes and had a lot of fun.

There’s a slight chance that some of the Romance tropes overlap with YA tropes I’ve already talked about but that’s fine. I repeat myself on a daily basis anyways, may as well incorporate that to my blog too.

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I took some❤‍🔥Love❤‍🔥related quizzes cause I was bored.

Hello 👋

I have just submitted my last assignment which means I’ve officially survived my first semester of University. Wow. A milestone moment. It also means that I now have two weeks of doing nothing which is great, I plan to read a lot, but I’m also bored already 😶

To pass the time a bit tonight, I thought I’d get into the Valentine’s day spirit early (it’s not even February for me right now as I’m writing this) and take some love and romance related quiz’s.

I sent this to my friend the other day. I find it hilarious.

I feel like the way I’m going to do this is share the question and my answer. I’m not going to bother with sharing the other answer questions unless I’m humming-and-ahhing over a choice. I’m also gonna leave links to all these quizzes just in case you’re bored too :))

(Please beware: not a lot of thought or effort has gone into this post)

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