A teeny-tiny September TBR

Does anybody else feel like September is the Monday of the year?

I spend three months doing nothing, going to sleep at 3am, waking up at noon and living off an ice-cream and late night take-away only diet and then *boom* just like that I’m expected to get back into a routine and be productive! Ugh. I hate it.


But yes. In 15 days I am heading back to school. I think. Here in Spain each province is doing something different. The big boss of Andalucía, where I live, wants us all out there meaning I’m going back to school full time.

This will be my 7th (and hopefully final!) year at this school and yet the first time I’ve ever seen soap in the bathrooms was on the last day before lockdown so how long we last back at school is the question.

Either way I’m going to be super busy this month as I’m in my final year of bachillerato which means lots of work, lots of stress and I expect very little time to read which breaks my heart.

Because of that I’ve only got a TBR of 5 books this month. Hopefully I’ll be able to surpass that but I’m already going to have a lot going on, I don’t want to stress myself out:))

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