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I didn’t read much but that’s ok // September Wrap Up

Hello and howdy :))

I feel like I’m falling apart. I’m covered in bruises thank to: falling out of bed, tripping over a road sign, walking into really hard bench corners. Also I’m hungry because sure, fruit tastes nice, but it’s not very filling.

OK. I’m done complaining now. Sometimes you just need to get this stuff off your chest, I’m just sorry you guys get the brunt end of it.

Anyways, today I’m here to talk about what I read in September aka “my last month of freedom”. I was hoping to read a decent amount of books this month and … that didn’t really happen.

I read five books this month so it was a god month, I was just hoping for more. That being said though, I’m reminding myself it was a busy month of big changes and instead of reading I spent a lot of time with family and friends so I’m not too mad about it.

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September Wrap Up!!!


So. I just choked on my cup of tea. Don’t know how that happened but it happened and my life low-key flashed before my eyes. My 18 years of life flashed before me and yet I can barely remember anything that happened this past September.

September was largely uneventful besides from the fact that I went back to school for my final year.

I was about to say “not much has happened at school yet” but then I remembered that 5 people from my class (and more from other classes) are quarantined because they sat in the front row for French and the teacher tested positive for Covid. (They’re all fine, they’ve tested negative, they’ll be back at school this week).

Another thing that happened is that I read 8 books, most of which were 2020 releases. I’m very pleasantly surprised by how much I read this month and the fact that I crossed a few new releases off my TBR.

OK I’ve been rambling forever now so I’m switching gears and talking about books :p

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September Wrap Up

Hi, hey, hello and happy October. It’s officially spooky season!


You could say I’ve started celebrating Halloween early because this month I more or less exclusively read ghost stories … and fanfiction.

September was a kind of crappy reading month for me but I’m blaming it on the whole Back to School season and me not yet learning how to successfully monopolise my time. Also. I’ve been playing a whole lot Sims and instead of doing anything productive, as well as recently starting to watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia which I’m officially hooked on so … 🙂 Continue reading “September Wrap Up”

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September Wrap Up



It’s October already. I’ve been back at school three weeks and already I have a history exam tomorrow and maths exam on Monday and all of this school stuff is really cutting into my reading time which is why I only managed to get to four books and a novella.

I’m not saying that four books isn’t a lot because it really is and me from last year would have been thrilled with that but this summer I managed to read so much as you can see with my August Wrap Up where I read 10 books. Continue reading “September Wrap Up”