Which popular YA bird-book character am I?

Hello and howdy.

I’ve just been staring at my laptop for the last hour, wanting to write something but just having one big brain fart. Finally though I’ve had the genius idea of re-visiting a post I’ve done before but with a lil twist.

Today I am once again going to be finding out which popular YA character I am, but specifically from the holy trinity of YA bird-books: Six of Crows, The Raven Cycle and The Foxhole Court (which is classed as a bird book cause of the second novel “The Raven King”)

From Six of Crows I am … Nina Zenik

The Quiz

I had a feeling I was going to get Nina purely because I answered with food to a fair few questions and well know Nina is a foodie and rightly so. I really love Nina, she’s funny, badass and so confident in herself. I haven’t read it yet but she’s one of the main reasons I want to continue on to read King of Scars. Very happy with this one!

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My Favourite Quotes & Moments: Crooked Kingdom!

Howdy 🤠

Last year I re-read Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo in anticipation for the release of the Shadow & Bone series which I ended up loving so much. While I re-read that though, I shared my favourite quotes & moments from the book.

Fast forward just under a year later and the new cast members for season two of Shadow & Bone was released: Nikolai, Tamar, Tolya and Wylan!!!

I’ve been meaning to re-read Crooked Kingdom since last year, and once again it was something revolving the TV show that finally pushed me to do so. Just like with Six of Crows I’ve picked out my favourite quotes and moments that I want to share


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The High School Musical Book Tag (aka me living my best life)

Hi, hey, hello and welcome to my blog.

I am doing something super exciting today: The High School Musical Book Tag.

High School Musical was my entire Childhood! I had a HSM lunch box, a Gabriella doll, all the DVDs and CDs (including the concert version) which I played on a loop, my primary school had a High School Musical singing club and we performed “Breaking Free” during an assembly and I went to cinema to watch the third movie.

I watched these movies so much that even my parents know all the words. 

And so believe me when I say I jumped up and down in my chair with excitement (which I’m only slightly ashamed of) when I found out this was a book tag that existed.

I tried finding the original creator to this tag but I think that post has since been deleted because I can’t find it. Either way I’m super excited though to re-live my childhood today and combine it with books!

The Start of Something New: A new favourite genre/author/series


A new favourite author of mine is definitely Erin Hahn. I fell in love with her debut novel You’d Be Mine last year and my love for her multiplied when I read her sophomore novel More Than Maybe a month or two back. She writes such entertaining books filled with humour and music. I can’t wait for it’s official release and to read more from her. Continue reading “The High School Musical Book Tag (aka me living my best life)”


🖤My Favourite Love Stories🖤

Hi, hey, hello, welcome to my blog and Happy Valentines day!💕

Today is the day of love. Today is also the day I take a philosophy exam I’ve been studying all week for. My philosophy teacher definitely does not love me.

While in real time right now I’m probably stressing out more then is probably necessary (I see you future me), I thought I’d share some of my favourite love stories.

When I say “love stories” I don’t mean a romance novel or a book that’s main plot point is necessarily the romance but instead I’m talking about the love between two characters in general ya know. Their connection, their road to happily ever after etcetera.

There’s actually two fictional couples that are the main inspiration for this post and so I’m going to talk about them first because they’re the ones I care about the most:

Jem Carstairs & Tessa Grey (Shadowhunter Chronicles)


Don’t get me wrong I adore Tessa and Will together, although the beginning of their relationship is rocky their love and life together is incredibly sweet if not also emotionally traumatic to us readers *cough* Clockwork Princess Prequel *cough* but my god Jem and Tessa literally waited a whole ass century to be together!

They were couple goals back in the nineteen century and they’re still couple goals over a hundred years later! 2019 was truly the year I came to realise just how much I love Jem Carstairs which was probably the best thing to come out of last year to be honest.

I really hope I get more of these two in the Wicked Powers series coming out I don’t even know when.

Neil Josten & Andrew Minyard (All For the Game)


It’s no secrete that I adore the All For the Game series and a big part of my love for those books has to do with Neil and Andrew.

Theirs really isn’t the typical love story. It’s full of psychotic fathers, made up sports and the freaking mafia but it’s the story of two people who’ve been so alone and had such terrible things happen to them coming together and finding each other and trusting each other and protecting each other and learning to love each other in their own ways.

It’s also the story of a gay character and a demi sexual character that spams three whole books with slow-burn and hate-to-love (or well … hate-to-“hate”) and the premis of their relationship is built on trust and most importantly consent and I just love it so much.

I would happily stop there but I’ve added two more couples who I also love just to even it out a bit: Continue reading “🖤My Favourite Love Stories🖤”


12 Days of Christmas // Book Tag

IHi, hey, hello and Merry Christmas!!!

I am oftumblr_pjh8llKjhV1uutnkko1_500ficially done with exams for this term, I’m just waiting on my final grades which come tomorrow which means I am now in full Christmas mode.

My mum made the foolish decision to keep the boxes of chocolates, reserved solely for Christmas, in my room and forgive me mother for I have sinned but I’ve been dipping into them … and hiding the evidence in my school bag.

Christmas needs to hurry up and arrive before I steal anymore and there’s none left come Christmas eve when we’re finally aloud to eat them. If she finds out I don’t think I’ll survive through to the new year.

Anyways I’m doing the 12 days of Christmas book tag even though, yes, there is now only one week left to go. Maybe I should ask for the gift of time management for Christmas.

❄On the first day of Christmas, my true love game to me: a partridge in a pear tree❄

The Partridge stood alone in the pear tree. What is your favourite stand alone?


I don’t know if this is necessarily my favourite stand alone but its the first stand alone I had ever really read and it’s one of the books that helped convince me I could and would like things outside just popular urban fantasy and for that it holds a special place in my heart. Continue reading “12 Days of Christmas // Book Tag”

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Happy Halloween! // Halloween Book Tag

Hi, hey, hello and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!


(I love this gif so much)

I’d like to say I have some super spooky and fun Halloween plans but I really don’t. My night includes trying to get through my stack of homework while not falling asleep and maybe, hopefully finishing my current read.

And so I’m here to do a Halloween Book Tag to at least pretend like I’m getting int the festive spirit.

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The “Get to Know Me” Book Tag // My 1 Year Blogger-versary!!!

Hi, hello and welcome to my blog!

Today is a day of celebration. It’s been a whole year since I started this blog.


It’s my bloggerversary and I’m probably spelling that extremely wrong but I feel like terrible spelling is a staple of my blogposts. To celebrate it being a year of me being annoying as hell I decided to do the “Get to know me” Book Tag because in the beginning I never really talked about myself because anxiety 🙂

A little bit about me

My names Elli. I’m 17 and originally from East Yorkshire with the accent to prove it but I’ve been living in Spain since I was ten (although I do not have the tan to prove that). This September I start the Spanish equivalent of 6th form and I am shitting myself.

I have three siblings, two brothers and a sister, all younger, two of which live back in the UK. I also have three pets who I would die for: Fudge, Poppet and Kit-Kat.

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The Summer Bucket List Book Tag

Hello and welcome to my blog!

Today I’m going to be doing The Summer Bucket List Book Tag. I wasn’t tagged to do this but I saw The Sassy Library Fox do this tag and it looked really fun so here I am 🙂

All I’ve done so far this summer is sleep a lot, eat a lot and read a lot. All fun for me personally but not very interesting so I’m living vicariously through this tag.

This tag was originally created by Read by Tiffany

✨Hit the Beach – A BOOK SET BY THE WATER✨


  • I was scared for a minute there that I didn’t have a book to fit this which, considering it’s the first question, would not be a good start but then I remembered: Summer Bird Blue by Akemi Dawn Bowman. I wasn’t madly in love with this book mainly due to the writing but this does take place in Hawaii with many beach/surfing scenes.

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Dad Goals! // It’s Wednesday My Dudes

Hello and happy Wednesday!


As I’m sure everybody’s aware, Top 5 Wednesday is on hiatus while Sam takes a well deserved break and so that means every Wednesday post is gonna be more of a car crash then normal since I’m in charge of choosing what I talk about. Yay!

It was recently fathers day so considering I talked about some Mum Goals I figured I’d also shine a light on some great father/father figures.

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The “I Should’ve Read That Book” Tag!

Hello and happy Monday!!!!

Today is a very special Monday because it’s my last Monday at school! I’m so ready for this school year to be over with. All I’ve got to do is survive this weeks 3-6 exams and then I’m free for three months!

Today I’m also doing the “I Should’ve Read That Book” Tag. I’ve seen this around for a while and I’m excited to do it. Thank you to DegenerateReads for tagging me 🙂


  1. Thank the person who tagged you and link back to their post.
  2. Link to the creator’s blog in your post (booksnest.co.uk)
  3. Answer the questions.
  4. Tag 10 others to take part.

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