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It’s Spooky Season Bitches!! // October TBR

  👻 👻 It’s Spooky Season!! 👻 👻

Listen to me when I tell you that I have had this TBR planned out for over a month now. Sure I enjoyed the books I read in September but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t waiting for the month to be over so I could move onto this TBR.

You could ask why I didn’t just read these books during Septmber and save myself the wait and to that I say BECAUSE OF THE VIBES!! This TBR was specifically picked for Halloween and reading them any other month before that would have ruined my experience.

There is one slight problem now though … I’ve got a lot of books I want to read this month and, by the looks of it, not much time. Finally after weeks of complaining my classes were boring and I had nothing to do I actually have multiple things to do.

So it’s gonna be a bit tight when it comes to squeezing all these books this month but I’m determined to do it.

The Ravens + The Monarchs by Kas Morgan & Danielle Paige

Yes October is all about the spooky read but it’s also about bad-ass bitches being even better witches which is exactly what I hope these books are going to provide! This series follows a sorority who are infamous for their parties and who are also secretely a coven of witches.

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Not so spooky Spooktober👻// October TBR

Hi and howdy!!

We’re just going to ignore the fact that it’s October because how the Hell?? We’re also going to skip over the fact that we’re 1/3 of the way through the month already. Technically as I’m writing this, I’m 5 days into the month, but I’m being organised and not straying from the schedule I wrote up.

Normally in October I like to try and make an effort to read “spooky” books but I’m already gonna struggle juggling Uni and reading this month, so I’m not stressing about reading on-season books.

This TBR is going to look overly ambitious. I don’t expect to read all of these, I just want to have the choices there so I can pick what I’m in the mood for!

Crazy Stupid Bromance by Lyssa Kay Adams – I’m on a roll with this series and I’d love to be able to finish it (is the series even completed?) by the end of the year. I finished Undercover Bromance last night, so it’s time to move onto book number 3! These aren’t the totally best romances I’ve written, but I really love the overall premise of the bookclub and I feel like they’re getting better with each new book.

T.J Klune – I somehow got accepted for an ARC of Under the Whispering Door and The House in the Cerulean Sea!! I can’t believe it, I’m so excited to read these books. I started reading Under the Whispering Door yesterday while I was waiting to go into my first lecture. By “started reading” I mean I read about three pages and didn’t even finish the first chapter, but it’s a start.

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It’s Spooky Season!!!👻// October TBR

Guyyyyysssss!!! It’s October 1st and you know what that means … IT’S HALLOWEEN!!!

Are you excited? I’m excited! I have exactly 0 plans this year due to the fact that I have no friends and we’re in the middle of a world wide pandemic but I just like the Halloween Vibes™.

In celebration of it being Spooky Season I bring to you an October TBR which features a couple of books that I hope are going to get me into the mood.

This month I am hoping to read 5 books. I’ve done the math, something I rarely do because math makes my brain hurts, and I’ve realised that if I read 5 books every month for the next 3 months then I will accomplish my unofficial goal of reading 100 books this year.

It’s crazy to me that I could possibly achieve this. I’m never gonna get this close again so I really wanna buckle down. And so without further ado these are the books I want to read this month:

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🎃Spooky Season TBR 🎃

Hi, hey, hello and I know I said it yesterday but HAPPY SPOOKY SEASON!!!!

sourceI love all things Halloween so much so infact that I’ve got a whole TBR for this great month of October something I don’t do very often because I never stick to my TBRs and I always end feeling guilt.

However I’m feeling pretty confident in myself right now … even though I’m in a minor reading slump. I need October to be a productive month, and I need to go into the rest of this year with the mind set of “I can do this” so I’m hoping completing a TBR will help me boost myself up.

Anyways, lets just jump in to my pretty ambitious (for me) TBR:


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