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☀ Summer Vibes Book Tag! ☀

Hi :))

Today I’m going to be doing the Summer Vibes Book Tag. This was originally created by Deanna @ The Comfy Reader and I was tagged to do this by LaRonda @ Flying Paperbacks. Thank you so much LaRonda!!source

It’s actually kind of perfect me doing this tag because today I’m going to the beach for the third day in a row. I’ve lived in Spain near on 8 years now and I have never been to the beach this much in one summer, let alone one week even though it’s a 10 minute walk from my house.

I’m not a huge fan of the beach (the sand, the sweat, the wearing a bikini) but the past couple of days have been super fun … even if I did get sunburnt on my upper thigh to the point where I can’t sleep😂black-and-white-flowers-tumblr-transparent-12☀The Beach: A Book Set Somewhere Tropical☀

I feel bad because I’m totally copying LaRonda here. I just don’t read books in tropical settings so I’m going to have to go with Summer Bird Blue by Akemi Dawn Bowman as this book is set in Hawaii.

Maybe I could also go with The Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare & Friends since one of the novellas in that bind up is set in Peru(?) but that might be pushing it.

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