Cancelling The Fixer series was a crime and I’m mad about it.

Hi. It’s exam season. This post was meant to be up last week but I’m already falling apart. I’m functioning more or less exclusively on cups of tea and anxiety but today I’m here to complain. (I’ll always have the time and energy to complain).

If you’re a regular on this blog you may or may not know that Jennifer Lynn Barnes is one of, if not my most, favourite author. I’ve read all of her books baring the super old Cheerleading series and the werewolf(?) series.

The last series I read of hers was The Fixer duology which is essentially Shonda Rimes’ Scandal but if Olivia Pope had her teenage sister all up in her business. It follows Tess who goes to live in DC with her big sister who is a fixer for DCs elite and she gets mixed up in a whole lot of drama.

I absolutely could not get enough of these books, I loved them that much. But there’s one teeny-tiny problem … THE THIRD BOOK WAS NEVER RELEASED!!

I would like to sit down and have a nice conversation with the publisher who read The Long Game, read all those twists and turns, and thought “nah we’re not gonna publish a third book”.

๐Ÿ‘I๐Ÿ‘ Just ๐Ÿ‘Want๐Ÿ‘ To ๐Ÿ‘Talk๐Ÿ‘

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My Reading Rush 2020 T.B.R

Hi, hello and howdy :))

Last year I failed the Reading Rush. This year I’m planning on failing it again because 7 books in 7 days is not possible for me and my bad habits of procrastination and being easily distracted.


This time around I have 4 books on my TBR that I’m hoping to read but looking at it now I don’t know how many I’ll actually get around to.

My dad has been away working for near on ten weeks now and he’s finally coming home on Wednesday which is great, I’m excited to see him, but it means we’ve got lots of plans cause he’s only home ten days so reading won’t be my top priority. Continue reading “My Reading Rush 2020 T.B.R”