7 Reasons why Clockwork Prince is the best Shadowhunter novel.

Maybe a week and a half of lockdown has sent me crazy. Or maybe I just really love this book but either way I plan on listing a selection of valid reasons why Clockwork Prince, book 2 of The Infernal Devices trilogy, is the best book of the whole Shadowhunter lot.

Mild spoilers may lay ahead. 

The Banter24885507._SY475_

Not to romanticise the Victorian era or anything because as great a time as it might have been for a select few of the privileged it was a time steeped in hypocrisy and child labour and colonization, but the banter between these characters in their posh/proper old time speak hits different.

I’ve always said Cassandra Clare is amazingly talented at writing dialogue and sarcasm between her characters but it’s so good.

•Demon Pox Song

“Demon pox, oh demon pox
Just how is it acquired?
One must go down to the bad part of town
Until one is very tired.
Demon pox, oh demon pox, I had it all along—
Not the pox, you foolish blocks,
I mean this very song—
For I was right, and you were wrong!”

A Masterpiece. Continue reading “7 Reasons why Clockwork Prince is the best Shadowhunter novel.”

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What to read this Autemn // Top 5 Tuesday


Hello and happy Tuesday!

Its the last T5T of September! Can you believe it!!! Anyways this weeks Top 5 Tuesday topic is: Fall Recommendations aka me telling you what you should read this autemn!

Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by Shannah @ Bionic Book Worm.

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness


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Characters that make me go “lolz” // Top 5 Tuesday


Hello and happy Tuesday 🙂

Another week and another round of Top 5 Tuesday.

Ok so today was my first day back at school, my first day of college and I was there for literally four hours but I am exhausted!!!

So apologies for any and all incoherent-ness, I’m sure I’m going to regret adding the word “lolz” to the title of this post but I’m looking forward to todays topic of: Funniest characters.

I actually did research for todays topic and by “research” I mean I watched a few multi-random crack videos on YouTube and then proceeded to use none of the characters from those videos.

Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by Shannah @ The Bionic Book Worm

Literally all the Herondales.


Yes the Herondales. Literally every single one. They’re a mess but they’re all hilarious. Do they make bad life choices most of the time, especially when it comes to romantic endeavours? Yes, no question. But their  wit is always on point. Continue reading “Characters that make me go “lolz” // Top 5 Tuesday”


Fictional Fights 💪🥊

Out of boredom comes weird blog posts 🙂

Hi, hello and welcome to my blog, I sincerely apologise if this is your first time here.

So today I am going to be pitting randomly selected fictional characters against each other in a battle to the death. I feel like the hypothetical violence of today’s post stems from the fact that I’m really quite hungry right about now and I can’t control my inner rage.


I just spent the last ten minutes of my life writing out a list of super random fictional characters from books and some TV shows too and then I flipped over the piece of paper and randomly generated the numbers. 

I have no idea what characters where chosen so this is going to be a surprise for me to.

Let the odds be ever in these characters favour …

1- Stiles Stilinski  VS Scott McCall (Teen Wolf)


What!!! No!!! They’re the best-est of friends. Continue reading “Fictional Fights 💪🥊”

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The Summer Bucket List Book Tag

Hello and welcome to my blog!

Today I’m going to be doing The Summer Bucket List Book Tag. I wasn’t tagged to do this but I saw The Sassy Library Fox do this tag and it looked really fun so here I am 🙂

All I’ve done so far this summer is sleep a lot, eat a lot and read a lot. All fun for me personally but not very interesting so I’m living vicariously through this tag.

This tag was originally created by Read by Tiffany

✨Hit the Beach – A BOOK SET BY THE WATER✨


  • I was scared for a minute there that I didn’t have a book to fit this which, considering it’s the first question, would not be a good start but then I remembered: Summer Bird Blue by Akemi Dawn Bowman. I wasn’t madly in love with this book mainly due to the writing but this does take place in Hawaii with many beach/surfing scenes.

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Favorite SFF Creatures // Top 5 Wednesday


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Hello and Happy Wednesday!

Today’s topic is favourite Science Fiction & Fantasy creatures.

All Weekly topics can be found HERE.

1-Beebo (Legends of Tomorrow)


I love this show and I especially love Beebo. It’s just so fucking random that I can’t help it. I want a giant teddy bear of him.

2- Opal (The Raven Cycle)


A dream girl with goat legs and hooves who speaks Latin. Again, so random and weird and yet I cannot wait for more of her in the dreamer trilogy (which is out in less than 7 months!!) Continue reading “Favorite SFF Creatures // Top 5 Wednesday”


Fictional Couples I hope had a good valentines day💕

Hello and happy Friday.

So first thing … this has to be the nerdiest title ever but it’s late, I’m sleep deprived and I don’t care 😉

Also yes Valentines day was like a week ago but February is the month of loveeeee, so I’m gonna milk it for all I can.

1- Zorie and Lennon (Starry Eyes by Jenn Bennet)

35297469I read this recently and absolutely LOVED it! It was the cutest thing ever and I’m rooting for them. They deserve to go camping together and watch the stars.

2- Jeremy and Jean (All For the Game by Nora Sakavic)

images6IJJ744D.jpgI need more Jerejean content in my life. Or at least some soft Valentines day fics. These two are total minor characters in the series but I love them with all my being. Continue reading “Fictional Couples I hope had a good valentines day💕”

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Rip it or Ship it Tag

Hello and Happy belated Valentines day!

Although it is just a manufactured holiday filled with cheap cards, chocolate and traumatic awkward moments I’m using it as the perfect excuse to play the Rip it or Ship it Book Tag. 

I was going to write each book character out individually and be all cute and aesthetic but … it’s late and I’m lazy 🙂 Instead I used a handy dandy website and I got the following couples: Continue reading “Rip it or Ship it Tag”

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Rainy Day Book Tag🌧

Yes another book tag! School is crazy right now and that’s seriously cutting into my reading time which means I have nothing to review/talk about.


The weather here in ‘Sunny Spain’ has not being living up to it’s name recently. I was literally locked out of school in the rain, about to be late for a really important exam yesterday and so I thought why not do The Rainy Day Book Tag?

This tag was created by That Bookie Continue reading “Rainy Day Book Tag🌧”


Favourite Covers // Top 5 Wednesday


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This weeks topics is Favourite Covers and there are so many beautiful covers in the world that I need guidelines for this because its late (thanks a lot homework!) and I’m tired and I want to read so I’m narrowing this to favourite covers of books I own.

All weekly topics are posted HERE.

Fair warning, I kind of cheated and it became mostly favourite covers of series. Oops. I just couldn’t choose one!

1- Harry Potter Illustrated Editions.


These covers are absolutely amazing. Actual works of art by the amazing Jim Kay. I loved all the art inside the books too and I’m super excited to get to Prisoner of Azcaban soon.

2- Magnus Chase UK Covers

20180926_203002UK covers, especially for Rick Riordans books, are never my favourite but the design team for this series pulled it out the bag and gifted me with these masterpieces that look so good on my shelf.

3- The Original Folk & Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm

As you can see theres a few post it notes in there and yet I still haven’t finished it and you know what, I may never complete this beast of a book but who cares because this cover is so pretty!

4- The Infernal Devices


I tried to pick my favourite but no. It’s not possible. I love these editions and especially their spines and I feel like the covers represent the sorrow and sadness that these books contain.

5- The Exact Opposite of Okay


I warned everyone in my recommendation post of this book that I would take every opportunity to talk about it and because of this beautiful cover, which was the main reason I bought this,  I can talk about it now. It features a pink sloth holding a skull. How can I not love this?

Also, I’m super sorry for the terrible photography featured here but its nearly 9 o’clock because homework is a bitch and the lighting is terrible!

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