Bisexuals in Fiction πŸ’—πŸ’œπŸ’™

Hello and welcome to my blog … and happy bisexual visibility dayπŸ’—πŸ’œπŸ’™

I feel like a lot of the time bisexuality is something that gets swept under the rug, especially in the media and most definitely with celebrities. And so today I’m just going to be talking about some book with Bi rep that I loved, some that I want to read and just some great bisexual characters in general.

Books I Loved …


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Characters that make me go “lolz” // Top 5 Tuesday


Hello and happy Tuesday πŸ™‚

Another week and another round of Top 5 Tuesday.

Ok so today was my first day back at school, my first day of college and I was there for literally four hours but I am exhausted!!!

So apologies for any and all incoherent-ness, I’m sure I’m going to regret adding the word “lolz” to the title of this post but I’m looking forward to todays topic of: Funniest characters.

I actually did research for todays topic and by “research” I mean I watched a few multi-random crack videos on YouTube and then proceeded to use none of the characters from those videos.

Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by Shannah @ The Bionic Book Worm

Literally all the Herondales.


Yes the Herondales. Literally every single one. They’re a mess but they’re all hilarious. Do they make bad life choices most of the time, especially when it comes to romantic endeavours? Yes, no question. But theirΒ  wit is always on point. Continue reading “Characters that make me go “lolz” // Top 5 Tuesday”


LGBTQ+ Books & Series I Love!


It is pride month! And so in celebration I thought that today I would share a few of my personal favourite books and television shows featuring really great lgbtq+ representation.


I’ve chosen books with little to no angst because as much as I love the powerful reads I want to talk about books with gays living their best lives with minimal angst and reader trauma involved. Continue reading “LGBTQ+ Books & Series I Love!”


Favorite SFF Creatures // Top 5 Wednesday


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Hello and Happy Wednesday!

Today’s topic is favourite Science Fiction & Fantasy creatures.

All Weekly topics can be found HERE.

1-Beebo (Legends of Tomorrow)


I love this show and I especially love Beebo. It’s just so fucking random that I can’t help it. I want a giant teddy bear of him.

2- Opal (The Raven Cycle)


A dream girl with goat legs and hooves who speaks Latin. Again, so random and weird and yet I cannot wait for more of her in the dreamer trilogy (which is out in less than 7 months!!) Continue reading “Favorite SFF Creatures // Top 5 Wednesday”


Independent Ladies // Top 5 Wednesday

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Hello and Happy Wednesday!

This weeks topic is Independent Ladies. The description for this topic was “Favorite leading ladies who aren’t distracted from getting shit done by their love interest” and I love that.

All weekly topics can be found HERE.

1- Sara Lance – Legends of Tomorrow


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Give me all the Fictional Foods // Top 5 Wednesday

I like food don’t get me wrong but my brain is way too dead right now so let’s see how this goes.

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Big Belly Burger – CW Arrowverse


I’d get a big belly from eating so much big belly burger. (look at the hilarious and oh so original pun)

Any from Honeydukes


I’m being lazy by not actually picking a certain Harry Potter world sweet but there’s so many and like I said my brain is actually dead and I need to save all my remaining brain power for studying Philosophy later.

Pop’s Milkshake

kw5ewmzu9as11.gifI mean Riverdale might be crazy town but it all might be worth it if those milkshakes are any good.

Avengers Ice Cream Flavours

bkjt3d1n4bb11I tried finding a gif of the scene from Infinity War but all I could find was this edit and you know what I’m gonna go with it. I’m a sucker for icecream and a sucker for the Avengers hence why this is on here.

Wonka Chocolate Bar


I like chocolate and also I for some reason find this name hilarious.

God this whole post is a shitshow and I am so sorry. Hopefully my brain will have recovered from exam stress and studying by next week.


Friendsgiving // Top 5 Wednesday


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So I totally cheated here but as someone who’s doing three exams and a project this week instead of eating delicious turkey, I’m gonna carry on cheating.

All topics can be found HERE

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Favourite Monsters // Top 5 Wednesday


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It’s Wednesday and today we’re doing the monster mash!


Ok no not really, I’m ill and catching up on Great British Bake Off and trying not to talk because I feel like I’m being stabbed in the throat but today’s T5W topic is favourite monsters.

All topics can be found HERE

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T5W- Favourite Friend Groups

With this new blog I decided to try and give Top 5 Wednesday another go and try and commit to the weekly posts as much as possible.

The weekly topics are posted HERE on Goodreads.

1-The Gangsey (The Raven Cycle)


I love the Raven Cycle and I especially love the friend group within. Gansey, Ronan, Blue, Adam, Noah and Henry (because we cant forget Henry) are all hilarious and it makes me sad to know I’m never going to part of a group like that.

2- The Waverider Crew (Legends of Tomorrow)


Not book related but I love this show and these characters too much not to include them on this list.

3- The Foxes (All For The Game)


My main blog on Tumblr is literally dedicated to this series and these characters. All are super problematic and in need of therapy but as much as they fight (verbally and physically) they do watch out for each other and in the end they are a family.

4- The Golden Trio (Harry Potter)


This iconic trio couldn’t NOT be on this list. The three of them have been ride or die since they were 11.

5- The Rampion Crew (The Lunar Chronicles)



I read this series a couple of years ago now but I still love this group of friends. Cinder and Thorne are total brotp and I ship all the couples too. And this is the only friend group I know consists of a lost queen, an emperor, a princess, a soldier, a genetic werewolf like solider, a thief, a farmer and an android.