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Favourite Jokesters // Top 5 Wednesday

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Hello and happy Wednesday!

This weeks topic is favourite jokesters and I had a lot of fun going through characters and choosing the ones that make me laugh.

All weekly topics can be found HERE.

1- Fred & George Weasley (Harry Potter)


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T5W- Favourite Friend Groups

With this new blog I decided to try and give Top 5 Wednesday another go and try and commit to the weekly posts as much as possible.

The weekly topics are posted HERE on Goodreads.

1-The Gangsey (The Raven Cycle)


I love the Raven Cycle and I especially love the friend group within. Gansey, Ronan, Blue, Adam, Noah and Henry (because we cant forget Henry) are all hilarious and it makes me sad to know I’m never going to part of a group like that.

2- The Waverider Crew (Legends of Tomorrow)


Not book related but I love this show and these characters too much not to include them on this list.

3- The Foxes (All For The Game)


My main blog on Tumblr is literally dedicated to this series and these characters. All are super problematic and in need of therapy but as much as they fight (verbally and physically) they do watch out for each other and in the end they are a family.

4- The Golden Trio (Harry Potter)


This iconic trio couldn’t NOT be on this list. The three of them have been ride or die since they were 11.

5- The Rampion Crew (The Lunar Chronicles)



I read this series a couple of years ago now but I still love this group of friends. Cinder and Thorne are total brotp and I ship all the couples too. And this is the only friend group I know consists of a lost queen, an emperor, a princess, a soldier, a genetic werewolf like solider, a thief, a farmer and an android.