Series I’m Waiting to Read.

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I’m a procrastinator. I either finish an assignment long before it’s due which means I likely loose the damn thing when it’s time to hand it in, or I put it off until the last possible minute. This is why my stress levels are usually so high.

And I’ll admit this habit of procrastinating stretches to my reading habit too, however here are four series that I am willingly waiting to read, not because I’m procrastinating but because I think waiting to read them will somehow better my overall reading experience.

The Heartstopper Graphic Novels by Alice Oseman

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2019 Releases I Forgot About.

Hello and happy Monday!

2019 is the year of great book releases, already I’ve read some really great ones and there are still so many more to come but the other day I realised that there’s a few (3) that totally I forgot were coming out this year!

And so here I am to talk about them 🙂

1- Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo

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