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Reading Tik-Tok recommended romance books

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I have been struck with the overwhelming urge to go and re-read the entire Off Campus series by Elle Kennedy. It’s Tik-Toks fault. I was minding my own business, scrolling before bed and trying to avoid videos about stupid pasta-chips (omg these videos are doing my head in!!) when I fell down a rabbit hole of Tik-Toks related to this series I already binged earlier in the year.

I refuse to re-read this series just yet, I at least need to wait ’til next year. That being said, I don’t mind binging a couple of similar stories to get it out of my system. The only problem is that I don’t know of any similar stories.

What I loved about Off Campus was the blend of sexy but also really sweet 3 dimensional relationships with compelling characters, healthy male friendships and hockey, a sport I’ve never been remotely interested in until reading those books. These things are hard to find in a book.

Thankfully, Tik-Tok caused the problem and I’m hoping they’ll fix it too because I found users who loved Off Campus and recommends semi-similar stories, so I’m going to be reading some of the recommendations I’ve come across and see what I think.

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