Books I want to give a second chance.

Hello and happy Friday!

So, one of my reading related goals for this year is to unhaul some books. I’ve been collecting books for over three years now and so … there’s a fair few.

I’ve made a slow start on the unhauling process. I’ve picked the ones I know are defnitly getting the boot and I’ve also given away 2 to a friend to read with 2 more on standby for when he finishes. So I’m not doing bad.

But there are four books which I’m going to need to re-read before I decide their fate.
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Disappointing 2018 Reads

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I tried to think of a funny opener to this post but I’m ill and hungry and my mind isn’t cooperating so let me just say hello and welcome to me reliving my sadness because today I’m talking about my most disappointing 2018 reads.

So far this year I’ve read 88 books which is totally crazy to me, but of course in that mix there were some books I had pretty high expectations for and that ended up disappointing me.

It was really annoying because there was about a month where I read a bunch of books that didn’t live up to what I thought and it was just depressing. Also for the record I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy these books just that something was missing from them.

Ok here goes.

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Wrap Ups

August Wrap-Up.


With me trying with this new blog again I’m going to start with a wrap up.

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