Reading New Moon as a 19 year old who knows better.

Hey and howdy.

I want to say last year, but it wasn’t actually last year it was 2019 which is terrifying. Where has time gone? Anyways, back in 2019 I re-read Twilight for science and did a whole post chit-chatting about the experience of re-reading the book that was my entire life as a kid.

The plan back then was to continue on and re-read the rest of the series. It’s now 2021 and I’m only just getting around to the second book so you can see how well that plan turned out.

Yes, today I’m going to start New Moon. All I remember from this sequel is that Jasper tries to devour Bella like I devour a cheese-cake, Edward says “peace out motherfucker I’m off”, Bella becomes a depressed adrenaline junkie and Jacob starts the process of becoming a furry.

I’m pretty sure I read the book back when I was a kid. I had a physical copy of the first book but e-books on my old Kindle for the rest of the series so I remember little to nothing about the book itself.

This time around I’m more prepared. I have tabs and a google doc at the ready and waiting so I’ll be back in hopefully a couple of days, I don’t want to spend too long reading this book, with all my thoughts and feelings 😋😊

Less then 24 hours later …

Ok I’ve finished the book 😂 I was not expecting to read this entire thing in 24 hours. I don’t know how I did this. I don’t know why I did this but here we are. Please enjoy my thoughts and feelings regarding New Moon 🙂

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Which popular YA character am I?

Hi 🙂

I don’t know about you but I have become mildly obsessed with online quizzes recently.

It started during lockdown when very niche and specific quizzes were going around Tumblr and I needed entertainment during my Zoom classes, but now I go on Facebook to catch up on the family drama and end up down the dark hole of Buzzfeed quizzes finding out what my midnight snack says about me.

And so I’ve decided to turn this new found waste of time into content!

Today I am going to be finding out what character I am from 5 popular YA series such as: Twilight, Harry Potter, The Percy Jackson series, The Mortal Instruments and The Hunger Games thanks to online quizzes I’m sure are 100% accurate.

From Twilight I am … Jessica Stanley

Ok. I wasn’t expecting this but I don’t hate it (although I don’t know how much of that is me just really loving Anna Kendrick) 😂

I think Jessica gets quite a bit of hate online but I feel like she’s a pretty accurate representation of your average teenage girl. I mean if my friend got married straight out of high school to the town wierdos I’d be asking questions and gossiping too.

The quiz I took.

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Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer is being published for realises!

I’m not saying I’m a psychic who can see into the future but I am definitely channeling some sort of 300 Foxway/That’s so Raven powers because just a few weeks after reading Midnight Sun it’s been announced it’s going to be PUBLISHED!!!


And not only that but it comes out on my birthday August 4th!

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I read Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer and it was … interesting.

Hi, hey, hello and welcome to my blog.

So a while back I made a post talking about books I’d love to read from another characters point of view. In that post I said I’d love to re-read Twilight from Edwards perspective and Emma @ A Few Chapters ’til Love actually pointed out something that I completely forgot about which is that this was already a thing!

It took me a while to get around to reading it (aka 8 months) but recently I read Midnight Sun which is part of the first Twilight book but from Edwards point of view.

hhhThis was actually leaked before it could be published or even finished for that matter. I’m not clued in on the whole drama surrounding why this was never officially released because I was a literal child at the time and I don’t have the energy to go digging now but I decided to read this because I was bored and wanted some entertainment.

So today I’m going to be talking a little bit about what I thought about this book. This isn’t a proper review and I didn’t give it a star rating on Goodreads either because it feels wrong to judge a book seriously when it’s literally the half completed first draft. I’m just kind of going to be sharing the fleeting thoughts I had during and after reading.


Edward perspective of their first meeting in Biology is hilarious. So if you’ve read the book or watched the movie you’ll know that these two star crossed lovers meet in Biology class when Bella has to sit next to him.

In Bella’s POV she see’s him react in utter disgust and thinks she smells bad or something. The problem is the complete opposite. She smells too good which leads to Edward fantasising about sucking her blood for the entire class. Continue reading “I read Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer and it was … interesting.”

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Did I complete my summer TBR??

Hi and hello and welcome to my blog 🙂

So today was my second day of school, I’ve come home with homework, a headache and that oh so familiar feeling of dread with my brain saying “u stoopid” so I can officially say that the summer holidays are over.

I can also officially say that college sucks and I want to go back to nursery and live out my finger painting dreams. Can someone make that happen please?

Basically in my last week of school back in June I made myself a TBR to read during my three months off and we’re gonna take a look to see if I actually stuck to that. I genuinely don’t remember so I gotta admit I’m nervous to see how bad I’ve failed.

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Book’s I want to read from a different POV

Hi, hey, hello and happy Thursday 🙂

So today I’m talking about books that I would happily re-read … from a different characters perspective.

These are all really popular series that I enjoy so I’m probably going to re-read them anyways but a girl can dream.

TWILIGHT from the perspective of …


Ma boy Edward.

Not going to lie, during my time re-reading twilight (which you can read all about here) I wanted to be in Edwards head, more because I think it could be highly amusing and entertaining then because I think it’d add anything to the story.

Wasn’t this like an actual thing though? Wasn’t Meyer going to write the book from his perspective but then it got leaked?

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August Wrap Up


Hi, hey hello and welcome to my blog 🙂

August has come and gone, a whole month of heatwaves and me doing abolsutely nothing beneficial with my free time. Literally.

Things I did do this month:

  • Turned 17 years old and fully accepted my new role as a Dancing Queen 👑
  • Got a tattoo and a lil job all in the span of 2 days making me feel scarily grown up.
  • Survived my cousins week long stay at my house.
  • Celebrated 1 whole year of AceReader

Things I did not do this month:

  • Take advantage of my last free month off school and actually READ.

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These Books Deserve Attention Too // Top 5 Tuesday

(If I took a shot for every time I accidently wrote Top 5 Wednesday when writing these posts I would be long since dead from alcohol poisoning by this point)


Hello and happy Tuesday!

Today’s Top 5 Tuesday topic is all about Books I don’t talk about enough. I feel like this was a pretty hard one for me because I genuinely babble on about everything and anything but I do have 5 books I’m shinning the spotlight on today.

Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by Shannah @ Bionic Book Worm.

1- 100 Days of Sunlight by Abbie Emmons


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Reading Twilight 10 Years Later … it was an experience

Hi, hey, hello and welcome to my blog. Today we are discussing Twilight because I want to re-live my childhood. 🙂


I, like many other people back in the 2010s, was full on OBSESSED with this franchise growing up.

I remember being around 8 years old and buying the first book from my pocket money from Asda of all places! My aunts (they’re twins) are only 10 years older then me so they were just as into as me and which lead to movie binges with lots of junk food of the first 3 movies and then watching Breaking Dawn in cinema.

It was a dark time. Dark but great. 

And so here I am, nine to ten years later at the age of seventeen and I decided “hey, I’m gonna re-read Twilight … for science”. And so I did going as far as to take “in depth” notes as I did. Continue reading “Reading Twilight 10 Years Later … it was an experience”


Fictional Fights 💪🥊

Out of boredom comes weird blog posts 🙂

Hi, hello and welcome to my blog, I sincerely apologise if this is your first time here.

So today I am going to be pitting randomly selected fictional characters against each other in a battle to the death. I feel like the hypothetical violence of today’s post stems from the fact that I’m really quite hungry right about now and I can’t control my inner rage.


I just spent the last ten minutes of my life writing out a list of super random fictional characters from books and some TV shows too and then I flipped over the piece of paper and randomly generated the numbers. 

I have no idea what characters where chosen so this is going to be a surprise for me to.

Let the odds be ever in these characters favour …

1- Stiles Stilinski  VS Scott McCall (Teen Wolf)


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