ARC Review: This Is Not The Jess Show by Anna Carey

Hi. Elli from October 2020 here 🙂 I read my digital ARC of this book a fair few months in advance and so this review is getting written and then scheduled for whenever this book is due to come out. Happy New Year I suppose!!

Publication Date: January 5th 2021

Like many teens, sometimes it feels as though everything in Jess Flynn’s life has been engineered for maximum drama–from her performance at the school talent show, to the reappearance of her childhood best friend and perennial crush Jeremy, to her friends trying to set her up with one of the hottest guys in school. It’s almost as if everything might finally be going her way…until one day a tiny black phone with an apple logo on its screen falls out of her best friend’s backpack and lands at Jess’s feet.

The problem is, it’s 1998, and the first iPhone isn’t due out for another nine years. Read More.

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Anticipated Releases of 2020 // October – November – December

Hi and howdy, welcome to my blog 🙂

I was procrastinating, I was kind of being lazy, ya know how it is, so I am very, very late with my fourth and final (thank god) list of anticipated releases for 2020 but here it is!!!!

I’m skipping my usual babbling cause this post needs to hurry up and get written. Also I have cramp in my knee and the sooner I can go sprawl on my bed the better lol


We Were Restless Things by Cole Nagamatsu

This book has been on my radar for months now for one reason and one reason only: this ridiculously pretty cover. I mean how dare a cover be this aesthetically pleasing.

As for the actually plot I don’t know much. Somebody died, drowned I think and … there’s magical realism and LGBT+ characters.

Sometimes you just need to be vain and judge a book by it’s cover and that’s what I plan to do with this one.

Publication Date: October 6th 2020

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Historical – #5OnMyTBR

Howdy and happy Monday! It’s an especially happy Monday today because here in Spain it’s a bank holiday meaning no school! As a tired student I would like to thank whoever created the idea of bank holidays. You’re the real hero of this story.

Today I am back with another round of #5OnMyTBR and today we’re talking all about Historical books.

#5OnMyTBR is a bookish meme hosted by E. @Local Bee Hunter’s Nook (me!) and you can learn more about it here or in the post announcing it. It occurs every Monday when we post about 5 books on our TBR.

I am taking three history classes this year: Art History, Spanish History and History of Philosophy, (four if you count my Latin class), so you’d think I’d be into historical fiction novels but alas, I barely ever read them.

While Historical Fiction is one of my least favourite genres I am interested in reading more I just got to find my personal sweet spot within the genre and I think these books I’m about to talk about could be that.

This Is Not the Jess Show by Anna Carey

We’re starting off this list with an odd one because while this does have historical themes, this book is actually set in the future!

This is Not the Jess Show is basically a YA version of The Truman Show in that it’s a thriller novel about a girl whose life has been one big production, filmed and broadcasted to the world without her knowing.

The historical themes of this and why I’m including it on this list is because it’s kind of but kind of not set in the 90’s. It’s hard to explain so I’ll just say GO READ THIS BOOK WHEN IT COMES OUT!!

I got an ARC of this and I’m currently reading it and I am loving it but I’m unclear on the release date. Goodreads says November 2020, Netgalley says January 2021 so who knows!

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